My Silver Sister Story-10 Months

It’s officially 10 1/2 months and I’m at a silver sister crossroads. I am HATING the different colors happening in my hair. For the first time since I began my silver journey, I’ve actually started having moments of wanting to color over it. I won’t, but I’ve had the feelings.

IT IS time to blend the color by bringing the silver all the way down to the ends. I did some serious internet searching for a colorist. I found Karina and she had over 100 excellent reviews and speaks English. Bingo!

After 6 long hours of stripping color, re-coloring, toning, cutting, she finished. We brought the front streak all the way down to the ends and peppered silver strands all through the back.

I’m super happy with the result and my fingers are crossed this was the last visit to the salon for a color.