Sunday Small Happys

Finding a feather at the front door. Superstition says it’s good luck.

Hearing a song that takes you back to that time in your life.

Putting together an itinerary for an upcoming trip.

When critters from the garden come say hello, provided they stay on the other side of the screen. Check out this guy’s toes.


Sunday Small Happys

This week’s small happys…

My towels new color after a new navy blue top snuck into the wash with it. It’s such a pretty blue and luckily there were two in the load. I have a pair!

40 Freshly made corn tortillas for $1.00.

Finding a new singer that you love

When the house smells of a freshly baked cake…

Watching my dog wake up EVERY morning like it’s going to be the best day everrr!!!