My Silver Sister Story- 11 Months

I’m at the 11 month marker of going gray and it’s been a few weeks since I added some gray highlights and toner to blend with my original color. This was done mostly for a wedding I’m attending on Saturday. Now that the deed is done, I wish I had not blended and here’s why.

The non dyed portion of my hair was previously baby soft and healthy feeling has now become dryer again from the highlights. It’s not a big problem and really only noticeable to me, but it will take another 10 months to feel that kind of hair again.

Because I have a natural prominent front silver streak, we added quite a bit of the highlight to the front. A portion of the bleach never turned the silver white, but maintained a yellow tinge. We did it a second time which made it a little better, but it’s still yellowish. I now have a portion of extremely dry hair there and some unwanted bangs due to breakage. I’m not willing to go a third round of bleach to try for the solid silver. I have no doubt this front streak is going to suck to grow out due to color and damage.

Lastly, toner which was my favorite part of blending my hair has already faded out some. I can see the caramel/orange color returning. It’s not as dramatic though…at least not yet. Regardless, I’ll cut before I toner again.

For me, blending has more cons than pros. It looks better than before, but If I could do it all over again, I would simply put my hair up for the wedding and not worry about it. Frequent haircuts is the better route when embracing your silvers. Live and learn.


My Silver Sister Story-10 Months

It’s officially 10 1/2 months and I’m at a silver sister crossroads. I am HATING the different colors happening in my hair. For the first time since I began my silver journey, I’ve actually started having moments of wanting to color over it. I won’t, but I’ve had the feelings.

IT IS time to blend the color by bringing the silver all the way down to the ends. I did some serious internet searching for a colorist. I found Karina and she had over 100 excellent reviews and speaks English. Bingo!

After 6 long hours of stripping color, re-coloring, toning, cutting, she finished. We brought the front streak all the way down to the ends and peppered silver strands all through the back.

I’m super happy with the result and my fingers are crossed this was the last visit to the salon for a color.


My Silver Sister Story-8 Months

I’m 8 months dye-free. It’s a real struggle now with the different colors and they can easily change. A center part hides my silver streak. When I pull my hair back, the silver is a lot more prominent. The silver also shows up much more in the sunlight. It all just depends Sometimes it feels dramatically different and other times I barely notice it.

I recently cut 4-5 inches off and I started using the purple shampoo once a week to try to tone down the colored portions.

Keep on keepin’ on.

My Silver Sister Story-6 Months

Ready to see the crazy? Silver hair, blonde hair, brown hair, dark hair, Don’t Care. I’m 6 months dye free and I have about 3 inches of natural growth. My struggle now is with the colored portion of my hair. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) by October the silver will be eye level. Thinking the big chop and color to match the silver will happen then.






To be continued…

My Silver Story-5 Months and Obsessed

I’m at the 5 months mark since I last colored my hair. My silver roots are now beyond roots, and I am officially obsessed. I’m fascinated by the new colors that are happening. It also amazes me how different my silver strands look in different lighting. The pics below were taken on the same day.



My Silver Sister Story-4 Months

I’m 4 months dye free and I have begun the calico cat phase. My hair is now silver, dark brown, dyed brown, dyed blonde.

Most of the time letting my hair go gray gives me supreme confidence. Then there are the WTH am I doing moments.

It’s so weird that my hair color has such a direct effect on my self esteem whether it’s silver, blonde, or brown.  So weird and SO WRONG.