My Silver Sister Story-One Year Dye Free!

A quote from a Silver Sister/Grombre Instagram and I think it pretty much sums it up for me.

“It is not just grey hair. It is a sagging skin, extra pounds, hot flashes, inability to hold on to my emotions and fear of becoming invisible. I still do it. I am always thinking, if others see me it will be a little easier for them to walk this walk.

Why have I stopped coloring my hair? Mostly because it’s time to start feeling proud with who I am today, right now.

Here’s my past year going dye free summed up:

  • The panic and loathing of the first sight of silvers only lasts a couple of months. After that, the urge to do a female comb over to hide the silver no longer happens.
  • You then get a sense of pride. “Yep, I’m doing this!”. A surge of confidence comes from no longer hiding the gray. It feels really empowering at this point.
  • It becomes really exciting to see exactly what is happening under all those dye jobs. What kind of Silver Sister will you be….I’m a silver streak in the front gal.
  • Then you fall back to moments of insecurity as in the above quote, but you keep going. The confidence that comes from owning yourself and who you are gets stronger each time.
  • When impatience comes, it comes on strong. You’re happy with your silvers and you just want a full head of gray now. And let’s be honest, half a head of gray isn’t the prettiest. This is when you need to power through.
  • When the impatience comes: Go to instagram and become re-inspired by all the beautiful ladies, young and old on Silver Sisters or Grombre. Read their comments and stories.
  • When the impatience comes: Think about going back to hours long hair appointments and spending hundreds of dollars.
  • Different lighting can dramatically change the color and how much silver you see. (See above progression pics)
  • I’ve read it takes approx 2 years for a full silver bob which seems about right. My natural hair is landing just below my eyes in length at this one year point.
  • In my opinion: Cutting is better than blending in gray highlights when frustration sets in, but this is definitely for every woman to decide for herself.
  • Eventually, you need to reassess your makeup. I noticed I’m now at this point, especially in photographs. I’m looking washed out. I’ve realized for me, darkening my eyebrows and lip color does wonders.