I Now Get the Greek Yogurt Hype

My first breakfast in Santorini consisted of fruit, some type of bread, and a small dollop of yogurt. I’m not a huge yogurt fan, but I had to try it right? Each day after, my spoonfuls of yogurt became bigger and bigger. It was addictively delicious. ‘Real’ greek yogurt has a whipped creamy texture with a tart finish. So began my search here at home to find this same thing.

The closest I’ve found is Chobani natural flavor. The texture is very similar to what I had in Santorini, but the tart taste is missing. And while I could eat ‘real’ greek yogurt on it’s own, Chobani requires a sweetener of some kind.

If anybody knows of an authentic greek yogurt that can be found at the supermarket, let me know.