Time to Say Adios

After more than 2 months, I’m going to be leaving Sandy Toes in Playa in a couple of days. I have the same kind of feeling you get on a Sunday when you know you have to go to work on Monday. It’s getting harder to enjoy my time here now because I’m thinking ofContinue reading “Time to Say Adios”

Sandy Toes “Almost Finished” Decor

Movin’ right along with my Sandy Toes beach condo. Here’s the final result from this visit. (No changing/rearranging anymore. Additions only!) My “No Entryway” entryway The sala The kitchen The desk zone 1 of 2 bedrooms The 2nd bedroom is not worth looking at yet. I’m leaving this time with Sandy Toes beginning to actuallyContinue reading “Sandy Toes “Almost Finished” Decor”

Sandy Toes One Year Later

I got the keys and opened the front door to Sandy Toes one year ago in February. Unbelievable how time flies. I was one of the first owners to get their condo and now almost all of the condos are occupied. A majority of the people I saw back then were the construction workers. And atContinue reading “Sandy Toes One Year Later”

Small Condo Hack-No Door Space

Have a closet or using an alcove as a closet, but don’t want the eyesore? Do what I did. I didn’t have enough room for a door in the hall closet, I opted for a window blind instead. People don’t even notice it at first. Riviera Maya goes from slightly humid to “Omgawd, I can’tContinue reading “Small Condo Hack-No Door Space”

DAC Market in Playa

After reading many online reviews and recommendations, I finally made it to Dac. It’s a small market in Playa Del Carmen centro and it seems to always be busy when I pass by. For whatever reason, it was less crowded today so I ventured in. I could feel the appeal immediately. It’s small, clean, andContinue reading “DAC Market in Playa”

The Crash and Burn of My Patio Decor Hopes

When I got the keys to Sandy Toes, I had big plans for my patio. Specifically, a tiny zen space. Something like this: And then this happened: Living in Playa, there are certain realities: Dryers are not that common. There was the possibility of a stackable, but then they were few and far between toContinue reading “The Crash and Burn of My Patio Decor Hopes”

Sandy Toes Jan 2019 Updates

Here’s my Sandy Toes decor status as of January 2019. I did some decor rearrange and here is my “entryway”.  I need to have somewhere to put my purse/keys etc. when walking through the door. I’m this chair/table combo out for now.  If not, I’m thinking a white coat rack… Feb priority: hooks for underContinue reading “Sandy Toes Jan 2019 Updates”

Goals and Chocolate

I can’t think of a better place to work on my New Years goal of learning Spanish than at a cafe specializing in chocolate. Ah Cacao is on 5th Ave in PDC and the hot chocolate is delish. And if hot chocolate’s not your thing, how about some chocolate shampoo or body oil… Something toContinue reading “Goals and Chocolate”

El Pirata Restaurant in Playa

Based on TripAdvisor reviews, Sr. Eduardo and I had lunch at El Pirata Restaurant off of 5th Ave on 40th. The restaurant opened and became full quickly with both tourists and locals, as well as a plethora of condiments. The fish was fresh and delicious. The only problem was the price. Be sure to askContinue reading “El Pirata Restaurant in Playa”