My Playa Purchases

“I wasn’t planning on buying anything this visit, but…”, are famous last words, at least for me. You already saw my Old Navy haul. Well, aside from that I also bought: This great big fringed beach towel from Oysho which was on 50% sale. I also got these sandals from there for 30% off. (NoticeContinue reading “My Playa Purchases”

Funky Art Store in Playa del Carmen

El Jaguar Dorado is a small store on 8th between 10th and 15th. It’s full of art and cheeky miscellaneous things made from Mexican artisans. The textiles feel boho and come from Chiapas in the south of Mexico. It’s a fun store to browse and if you’re looking for a more unique gift from PlayaContinue reading “Funky Art Store in Playa del Carmen”