Sandy Toes One Year Later

I got the keys and opened the front door to Sandy Toes one year ago in February. Unbelievable how time flies. I was one of the first owners to get their condo and now almost all of the condos are occupied. A majority of the people I saw back then were the construction workers. And at night, the parking lot had about 10 cars with the only noise being crickets from the jungle next to me.

A year later, it has changed dramatically. Sandy Toes is now part of a community. I would say there are only a few random condos not being used. My neighbors come from all over, Venezuela, Cuba, United States, Poland, Canada. And there are always travelers from different countries passing through as well. I can hear French being spoken as I write this. Children are playing together after school. They don’t always speak each others language, but they seem to work through the challenge.  The park is constantly in use with people playing basketball, jogging, and walking their dogs. I love spending time here. There are definitely bigger, more modern condos available, and ones closer to the beach for sure, but this one feels a lot like home for me now.

I now know the “yelp” that comes from the men who are bringing the water.  I know the “whistle” sound the man makes who will sharpen knives. I know my tank of gas for the home lasts about 1-1 1/2 months before it needs to be refilled. Mornings in Jan-Feb can be chilly and rains can come in a flash. Green bananas can ripen completely in one day. Nativo has the best juices/smoothies, El Fogon the best trompos, and Bio Organico the best vegetarian/vegan restaurant. DampRid works. Air conditioning is necessary, along with Netflix.  Line drying clothes isn’t so bad. My hair will never look good in a humid climate. Accept your car will have dings and scratches. Mexicans are happy to help foreigners. Sunrises over the ocean are equal in beauty to sunsets. Cenotes are a must see. My Spanish is better, but I still cannot speak it on the phone. Locals can get special pricing. Traffic can be chaotic. Poncho has the best coconuts. It’s a bad year for seaweed. It’s exactly one hour door to door to the airport.

Imagine what I’ll know by next year….hopefully its fluent Spanish!

Sandy Toes Decor Update

Here are the decor updates I made to Sandy Toes this visit.

Pillow decisions made.


The moving of my armoire from the “dining area” to the living room.

A meditating cat is always a good idea.

My sister’s housewarming present. Sandy Toes wine glasses. The best!

My bedroom is somehow morphing into the color lavender. Not sure how this is happening since I don’t consider myself a purple person. I’ll be rethinking this for sure.

Making it happen little by little.


PDC 5th Ave Day

Instead of working on Sandy Toes, I decided to hang out on 5th. August is incredibly humid here, but it didn’t seem to stop the tourists. They were out in full force.

I ate at a new restaurant called Leaf Bar on 8th between 10th and 15th. It serves sandwiches and salads all geared toward health. The veggies were fresh and the healthy spreads for the sandwich were delish. They let me try all 3: beet, hummus, and eggplant.

I took in a quick view of the ocean. It didn’t seem right to be so close and not take a look. This was early in the morning and still a little gloomy from the rain. A lot of seaweed happening.

It also didn’t seem right not to buy anything on 5th, so I did. A new sundress to help get me through these temps!



Sandy Toes After Three Months Closed Up

I hadn’t been to Sandy Toes in 3 months. The anticipation of what I might find was always on my mind. As most things in life, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

First fear: Mold. Minus 2 wooden spoons, no mold was to be found. That being said, the rainy months in PDC are September through November. I suspect if mold is going to happen in Sandy Toes, it will be during these months. (Side note: I’ll be switching to rubber kitchen utensils.)

Second fear: Jungle creatures. Sandy Toes did not disappoint in this area. While there were no huge spiders, snakes, or scorpions to be found inside, I did walk into a floor full of dead centipedes. I was at Home Depot getting bug spray before I even opened any luggage. This was just from one area of my depa!

Third fear: Break in/theft. This fear doesn’t actually exist for me, but I thought you might be wondering. Sr. Elizondo made sure Sandy Toes is barred up and locked like Fort Knox!

On the positive side, the construction in the area of my condo is complete and it looks great. I was one of the first owners to occupy their condo, so it’s nice to see my building now populated with people enjoying their new homes.