Dinner at La Torrada

As I’m reviewing the latest, “Best Fine Dining” in Monterrey on TripAdvisor, I see a restaurant Sr. Elizondo and I haven’t been to.

La Torrada is in the top 10 for best restaurants and currently number one for steakhouses. This is saying alot since Monterrey is known for having excellent carne.

We arrive and realize we’ve passed this restaurant probably 1,000 times. The inside is nice, but it’s the service that is beyond outstanding.

We start off with an artichoke appetizer with a lemon vinegar dressing and bread. Delish.

Next up is the carne. Take a look. The portions were generous.

We opted for the rib eye which seemed to be the popular choice. The rib eye gets a thumbs up.

However, I’m a filet mignon gal and will be forever.

The carne was cooked perfectly and the side dish was Mac and cheese. The Mac and cheese was marginal. I probably would not order this again.

Since we were eating so heavy, we couldn’t skip dessert. I chose the banana pie, but then this chocolate cake passed by and I changed my request on the spot.

Sr. Elizondo ate the popcorn and I ate the cake. It was as decadent as it looks.

Along with all this food, we drank beers and wine. This is how we looked when we arrived home.

My final thought was it’s a good steakhouse, service is excellent, but a on the expensive side. Prices are similar to the more upscale dining experiences in Monterrey.


Dining in San Pedro

San Pedro is a city within Monterrey and is actually the wealthiest city in all of Mexico. It’s an area full of shopping and restaurants. Sr. Elizondo and I choose a restaurant every couple of months or so to try and they’re often in San Pedro. This restaurant is one of them.

It’s called Mar del Zur (Sea of the South) and it’s a Thai-Mex fusion. ┬áIt’s currently one of the top 10 restaurants in Monterrey and it did not disappoint.

It was hidden behind a small building facade; however, when you walk inside it’s actually a plaza with businesses, restaurants, and high end shops. It was huge and a surprise.

The restaurant itself was upscale as expected. It had very few customers as we arrived in between the typical lunch and dinner times.

We started with bread sticks and totopos with a cilantro-onion salsa. They also presented a fish empanada which was excellent.

The food and service deserved every good review I read. I was in heaven eating my Totoabo (eek, not sure on the spelling, but it’s a fish) with lime and truffle sauce, jasmine rice, and greens on top. I ate every last drop of that sauce.

Sr. Elizondo kept it traditional with a taco plate. The carne was superb along with the freshly made tortillas.

Afterwards, we took a short walk around the plaza window shopping.

And on our way out….

All hidden behind a small white building wall.