A Cheat Day on Keto is No Bueno

After two months of Keto and a serious case of PMS, I had a carb/sugar bonanza day. I’m talking a no holds barred carb fiesta. By early evening, I was sick. Seriously sick and it came on quick. It started with shakes, sweating, the feeling of maybe passing out. I layed down for awhile and felt better. By feeling better I mean I was then only feeling extreme lethargy and nausea. I went to bed and woke up today still feeling nausea, tiredness, and a disturbing fullness. I’m not sure how to feel better at this point. Non/low carb smoothies and soups when I can eat maybe??? Any suggestions?

The moral of this story: If you decide to eat carbs/sugar after an extended period of Keto eating, do so gradually.