My Silver Sister Story-6 Months

Ready to see the crazy? Silver hair, blonde hair, brown hair, dark hair, Don’t Care. I’m 6 months dye free and I have about 3 inches of natural growth. My struggle now is with the colored portion of my hair. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) by October the silver will be eye level. Thinking the big chop and color to match the silver will happen then.






To be continued…

Joining My Silver Sisters

I’m joining the ranks of women who are embracing their natural hair color. I’m not gonna lie, it feels a little scary. Then I see all the beautiful inspirational Silver Sisters on Instagram and I feel really excited about it. It’s a sort of declaration that I’m embracing ME and who I am.

Here is me at a little over one month without hair color and I find myself sneaking peaks of myself in the mirror. The silver soon to be streaks are showing themselves now, particularly at my hairline.

The post above was written about a month ago. Here’s me today at 10 weeks. The main change is happening in front. The more it comes in, the better I feel about it. It’s not as scary as those first few weeks when you see those first grays and the instinct kicks in to color.