The One Year Chop

Now that I’ve hit the one year Silver Sister mark, it was time for a short haircut. I was ready….and I love it. This time next year, I’m hoping for a full head of non dyed hair. The gal who cut my hair wasn’t so optimistic, but I’m keeping the faith.

My Silver Sister Story-Purple Progression

When I was adding highlights to blend the grays on top to the color on the bottom, I had one annoying yellow bleached streak in the front. After two dye trys, the streak would still not turn gray/silver. I became very frustrated with it. This was the best the yellow streak ever looked. In theContinue reading “My Silver Sister Story-Purple Progression”

Gray Hair and Glasses

Originally, I was wanting lighter colored frames, but with gray hair it’s easy to look washed out. So I had a little fun and went with periwinkle color. For reading glasses, I followed the rainbow. Embracing the gray and rockin’ the specs! Check out these ladies who also got the memo.    

My Silver Sister Story- 9 Months

I’m 9 months dye free folks. I have about 4 inches of silver growth. I’m feeling like my dog and I now have similar color hair. Not only is there color differences, but texture differences. The top portion of my hair is un-dyed virgin quality. It’s so healthy and soft feeling. The lower colored portionContinue reading “My Silver Sister Story- 9 Months”

My Silver Sister Story-8 Months

I’m 8 months dye-free. It’s a real struggle now with the different colors and they can easily change. A center part hides my silver streak. When I pull my hair back, the silver is a lot more prominent. The silver also shows up much more in the sunlight. It all just depends Sometimes it feelsContinue reading “My Silver Sister Story-8 Months”

My Silver Sister Story-Time for a Chop

I cannot believe I used to like this salon colored blonde…and I liked it for years! So much damage, time, and money spent trying to maintain it. Not to mention after a few weeks, it would always begin to change to an orange or banana yellow color. Ugh. Moving forward it’s time for a chop.Continue reading “My Silver Sister Story-Time for a Chop”

My Silver Sister Story-7 Months

I recently saw Sr. Elizondo’s son using an app to actually change his physical features on a picture before putting it on Instagram. He laughed and said, “Don’t judge. Everyone does it”. Really? I hope “Everyone” posting isn’t thinking what they truly look like isn’t good enough. I’m officially 7 months on my road toContinue reading “My Silver Sister Story-7 Months”

My Silver Sister Story-6 Months

Ready to see the crazy? Silver hair, blonde hair, brown hair, dark hair, Don’t Care. I’m 6 months dye free and I have about 3 inches of natural growth. My struggle now is with the colored portion of my hair. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) by October the silver will be eye level. Thinking the big chopContinue reading “My Silver Sister Story-6 Months”