My Silver Sister Story- 11 Months

I’m at the 11 month marker of going gray and it’s been a few weeks since I added some gray highlights and toner to blend with my original color. This was done mostly for a wedding I’m attending on Saturday. Now that the deed is done, I wish I had not blended and here’s why.

The non dyed portion of my hair was previously baby soft and healthy feeling has now become dryer again from the highlights. It’s not a big problem and really only noticeable to me, but it will take another 10 months to feel that kind of hair again.

Because I have a natural prominent front silver streak, we added quite a bit of the highlight to the front. A portion of the bleach never turned the silver white, but maintained a yellow tinge. We did it a second time which made it a little better, but it’s still yellowish. I now have a portion of extremely dry hair there and some unwanted bangs due to breakage. I’m not willing to go a third round of bleach to try for the solid silver. I have no doubt this front streak is going to suck to grow out due to color and damage.

Lastly, toner which was my favorite part of blending my hair has already faded out some. I can see the caramel/orange color returning. It’s not as dramatic though…at least not yet. Regardless, I’ll cut before I toner again.

For me, blending has more cons than pros. It looks better than before, but If I could do it all over again, I would simply put my hair up for the wedding and not worry about it. Frequent haircuts is the better route when embracing your silvers. Live and learn.


My Silver Sister Story- 9 Months

I’m 9 months dye free folks. I have about 4 inches of silver growth. I’m feeling like my dog and I now have similar color hair.

Not only is there color differences, but texture differences. The top portion of my hair is un-dyed virgin quality. It’s so healthy and soft feeling. The lower colored portion of my hair is dry and frizzy. When I let my hair go natural, the difference is obvious. There’s no going back!


Joining My Silver Sisters

I’m joining the ranks of women who are embracing their natural hair color. I’m not gonna lie, it feels a little scary. Then I see all the beautiful inspirational Silver Sisters on Instagram and I feel really excited about it. It’s a sort of declaration that I’m embracing ME and who I am.

Here is me at a little over one month without hair color and I find myself sneaking peaks of myself in the mirror. The silver soon to be streaks are showing themselves now, particularly at my hairline.

The post above was written about a month ago. Here’s me today at 10 weeks. The main change is happening in front. The more it comes in, the better I feel about it. It’s not as scary as those first few weeks when you see those first grays and the instinct kicks in to color.