Spend Time Not Money


I live thousands of miles away from my family and close friends. I miss them dearly and the best gift for us to give is time. But I think this applies to everyone,  whether you live in the same city or not. Take a day, a lunch, or an hour to give to a person that you love. Turn off the cell phone,  reminisce, laugh,   and be “present”.

Gift Giving Idea

Today is Black Friday in Mexico and I guess the official beginning of Christmas shopping. We need to remind ourselves that giving gifts during the season should be out of love and gratitude for people in our lives, not pressure and obligation. So I’m dedicating  these Fridays until Christmas to thoughtful gift ideas.

Crystal Healing Bracelets. Stacking bracelets is really popular now and I have recently become smitten. Make a gift of jewelry extra personal by thinking of who the person is and what intention you would like to give to them (love, support, strength).

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Here’s a chart to get you started.