Tasting a Pithaya (Dragonfruit)

I’ve been seeing this fruit sold on the street corners recently and had no idea what it was. Then I saw it at the grocery store and it’s called Pithaya (aka: Dragonfruit). It’s such a pretty pink, I decided to give it a try.

I wasn’t sure how to cut it, so I cut the ends and took off the skin.

Later, I looked up the proper way. You slice it down the center an then scoop out the inside. Oh well.

I simply cut it up and had a go at it. My immediate reaction was a kiwi.  It has the same texture and seeds. It’s sweet and has a slight cactus after-flavor to it. I read another review that says it has a marshmallow flavor.  I didn’t taste that, but then I’m not familiar picking out a Dragonfruit, so I’m not sure if the one I chose was a “good one” or not. Regardless, it was still tasty.

I added cut up banana and pineapple to it for a fruit salad. It was so delish, I ate it before I took a picture! Next time…