The Manners of Downton Abbey

“Nothing succeeds like excess.” – Countess of Grantham

What takes me so long to find these things. This is a must see for Downton Abbey fans and most of you probably already have. Regardless, it’s actually an interesting program for anybody.

It details the formal rules and manners of the British aristocracy while referencing clips from Downton Abbey. Every step, word, gesture, clothing choice, seems to have had an importance and etiquette meaning during this era. It felt exhausting to me, but as the narrator said, it was routine for them. An example: The hostess of the dinner party dictates the conversation at the table and everyone must follow her lead. Also, if the hostess speaks to the person on her left, everyone at the table again must follow her lead and speak with the person on their left. When she switches to speak with the person on her right, so must everyone else. Can you imagine…

It makes me want to watch the series again to pay closer attention to the etiquette and character’s behavior. And it definitely makes me want to see the Downton Abbey touring exhibit. I’m patiently waiting for it to come to Texas or California.