Bulgaria Final Thoughts

Sofia Bulgaria’s city center can easily be seen in a day. If you want to go inside the exhibits, allow two. Vitosha Street crosses the main boulevard of sights. This street is full of restaurants and shopping for tourists and locals both. If you’re on a budget, Best Western Art Plaza is a great placeContinue reading “Bulgaria Final Thoughts”

A Cultural Day in Sofia

Our first and only full day in Sofia was spent walking the main area and seeing all the important sights. It’s easy to do as almost all of them are on the same boulevard…you just need to find the boulevard. The street is clean with beautiful buildings and lots of small green parks along theContinue reading “A Cultural Day in Sofia”

Summer Trip Booked!

I finally pushed the “book” button and Sr. Elizondo and l will be on our way to Eastern Europe this summer. After much deliberation, we decided to spend two weeks in Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria. I’m beyond excited since I know very little about these countries, and can’t wait to start researching and putting togetherContinue reading “Summer Trip Booked!”