This is Becoming My Daily Lunch

Okay, so this pita/salad is sooo good and you can vary it in so many ways. I can’t get enough.

Here’s what I do. I like my pita/naan/etc. slightly crunchy, so I spread olive oil on it and put it on the stove to make it more of a cracker texture. I then put it on a plate and spread goat cheese on it.

Then I sauté whatever vegetables I decide to use. Today I used olive oil with garlic and onion. I added yellow and red bell pepper with tomato, salt and pepper. I put the veggies on top of the bread.

The last step is simply making a salad, and I took the easy route today. A premade mixed kale salad with a small amount of bottle dressing (just enough to coat the leaves). Put the salad on top and wa-la.