Micellar Water Comparisons

Now that micellar water is one of my favorite beauty products, I needed to do some comparisons to discover which was my favorite. I tried 3 brands.¬†Garnier, L’Oreal, and the creme de la creme Bioderma.

Garnier was the most like regular water, but still cleaned. I liked it.

L’Oreal I really liked. It has a silky texture that feels great on my skin and cleanses just as well.

Bioderma is ‘the’ micellar water and theres a reason why. It isn’t too watery and not too oily. It completely cleans and leaves your skin soft. The downside to this product is the price point is much higher than the other 2.

My favorite is Bioderma, but L’Oreal will probably be my brand. The difference between the 2 was minimal and not enough to justify the price difference.