Sandy Toes “Almost Finished” Decor

Movin’ right along with my Sandy Toes beach condo. Here’s the final result from this visit. (No changing/rearranging anymore. Additions only!)

My “No Entryway” entryway

The sala

The kitchen

The desk zone

1 of 2 bedrooms

The 2nd bedroom is not worth looking at yet.

I’m leaving this time with Sandy Toes beginning to actually feel like a home.

Small Condo Hack-No Door Space

Have a closet or using an alcove as a closet, but don’t want the eyesore? Do what I did. I didn’t have enough room for a door in the hall closet, I opted for a window blind instead. People don’t even notice it at first.

Riviera Maya goes from slightly humid to “Omgawd, I can’t breathe” humid. So I chose to start the blind not quite at the top and have it pulled up slightly at the bottom. Circulation is key.

Eventually, I will have built in shelves and nicely organized, visually appealing storage. Until then, I’m totally okay with this.

The Crash and Burn of My Patio Decor Hopes

When I got the keys to Sandy Toes, I had big plans for my patio. Specifically, a tiny zen space. Something like this:

And then this happened:

Living in Playa, there are certain realities:

  • Dryers are not that common. There was the possibility of a stackable, but then they were few and far between to find. Not a popular item I guess. So, like most of the other “Playanese’s”, you will find me line drying my clothes.
  • Central air is also not that common and I wanted air in each room. Therefore, I have 3 air conditioners beautifully stacked in front of my bedroom window. Air conditioning is worth it.
  • Aesthetics are not always a priority in Mexican construction. You can see the tubes to my air conditioning units and the add on wall my neighbor did, but didn’t finish on my side. Do I really want to pay to make this more visually appealing? Nope.
  • Caged patios are common. This is a necessary evil aesthetic, especially when you are not a full time resident. The bars are on the windows are not my favorite either. Bars=Investment Protection and I’m okay with that.
  • Grass is a no-no as it’s a welcome mat for critters. That’s all a local has to tell me. No grass, check.

I have now accepted that my patio is for utilitarian purposes only. It provides my safety and comfort just like a zen garden, just in a different way. Plus the benefit of clean clothes.

Sandy Toes Jan 2019 Updates

Here’s my Sandy Toes decor status as of January 2019.

I did some decor rearrange and here is my “entryway”.  I need to have somewhere to put my purse/keys etc. when walking through the door. I’m this chair/table combo out for now.  If not, I’m thinking a white coat rack…

Feb priority: hooks for under the mirror

It’s amazing how a plant makes so much decor difference. (Ignore the makeshift doggie bed in the left corner.)

Feb priorities: Wall art and a pencil holder.

In the living room, I now have two tables on each side of the sofa. The round metal tray was supposed to be for the black stool/coffee table, but it got warped in the shipping.

Feb priorities: small chair, lamp, rug and tray #2.

And after spending a ridiculous amount of time looking at multiple chimes, dreamcatchers, etc. to use as a bathroom window blind from the other condos, I ended up buying this $6 plant. It works just fine and only has to live for one more month.

Sandy Toes Progress

8 days of Sandy Toes updates:

A mirror (in the “entryway”)

and another(in the bedroom)…

and one more (in the main area)…

A bright rug (take note of the hanging fish in the patio too)

The beginnings of a gallery wall

(Much needed)Kitchen baskets and knife rack

Below are the not particularly exciting updates, but needed to be done.

  • Washer & clothes line
  • Closets
  • TV
  • Painted a few wood items to help prevent mold
  • A few repairs (already!)

My little playa depa Sandy Toes is on it’s way to becoming a home.





Desk vs. Dining Room Table

I had a decent size bar built into the kitchen of Sandy Toes. I love this bar and have no regrets. However, it did leave me with an incredibly small dining space.

Instead of a small bistro set, I decided on a desk. The deciding factor being the bar is not that comfortable for extended periods of time on my computer. I needed a desk more than I needed a bistro table (which in reality, I would probably never use).

The usable space was 80 inches long by 38 inches wide. Because the space is so small, I knew I didn’t want any heavy looking furniture. I found a glass and metal desk and it’s perfect.

I might switch out the chair, but for now it’s fine.




My Beach Condo-It’s a Start

I’m so excited that I will have a place near the beach again! This condo (or depa in Spanish) is a work in progress, but I think I’m doing pretty good so far. Construction wise, I knocked out a wall making it a 2 bedroom instead of 3. Air conditioning, ceiling fans, propane gas, internet, all checked off.

Now for the fun stuff. In place of a kitchen table and chairs, I added the marble tile bar which I’m loving so much. And the bathroom tile that I was nervous about, came out perfect.

The end tables are from Home Depot and work perfect for me. The macrame stool can be used both as a sofa table or seat. Stuck on what to do with the far corner. It needs something tall for sure.

Bar stools also from Home Depot. There was a big gap between the kitchen cabinet and refrigerator, so I bought the wood shelf from a guy on the street, and added the marble tile to the top. It’s okay for me…at least for now. Open shelving will be happening soon.

So happy with how this looks.

I can’t wait to return next month! Adios depa!