Playa Fun at La Bodeguita

After 4 days of Sandy Toes improvements, Sr. Elizondo and I were in need of  some fun. La Bodeguita del Medio is a Cuban restaurant/bar on 5th ave in PDC. In my opinion, the food is just okay. The real reason to visit this place is the music and mojitos.  At 9pm, the live bandContinue reading “Playa Fun at La Bodeguita”

PDC 5th Ave Day

Instead of working on Sandy Toes, I decided to hang out on 5th. August is incredibly humid here, but it didn’t seem to stop the tourists. They were out in full force. I ate at a new restaurant called Leaf Bar on 8th between 10th and 15th. It serves sandwiches and salads all geared towardContinue reading “PDC 5th Ave Day”