August Recap-Week 4

It’s been a BEAUTY kinda week.

My Olio e Osso OBSESSION continues. My two latest buys: No 9 Spring is a super sheer candy pink and No10 Tea Rose is a sheer red. Loving the Spring and I like the Dusty Rose too, but it looks more brown-red on me than I expected. I’m also trying Drunk Elephant Eye Cream for the first time.

I also bought this cute sleep mask HOPING it will help with my dry eyes.

I did a water fast this week for 3 days not for weight loss, but to help reset my gut. I’m not gonna lie, the few days were a STRUGGLE. I’ll be switching to Inter-mitten Fasting of 16:8.

I’ve been using my ZIIP skin tightening device for 4 weeks now and I can see a DIFFERENCE.

Finally, Riviera Maya is a REALITY for September!!!

August Recap-Week 3

It’s been some slow quarantine livin’ around here. Not much has been happening.

Current reads: I’ve got two going now, one on audio and one good old fashioned book I’m actually reading.

My latest addition to my morning smoothie is milk kefir. Kefir is full of probiotics, but a bit pricey. I tried making it, but I’m not sure if it’s kefir or just sour/bad milk. ???

Been walking SamSam in the park by our house. When I say walking I mean take 3 steps and then take a 5 minute sniff break. Repeat.

Covet Corner-August 2020

Mer-Sea Charleston wrap (perfect for plane travel)

Replica perfumes

Watercolor flower tattoos

Nebula outdoor movie projector by Anker

Sakara Metobolism Super Powder

Bloomscape plant watering can

Skincare fridge at Nordstroms.

A painting by Jessica Brilli

August Recap-Week 2

Covid is getting closer. A neighbor and a friend diagnosed now. Both hospitalized, but both doing better now. Unfortunately, the man who is currently fixing our roof had his father just pass away 3 days ago.

I am feeling hopeful for the future though. (Dear God, please let this happen.)

Current read: Paris 1928 by Henry Miller. This is a re-read from decades ago. Love me some Miller.

My favorite quick and easy salad (served with a side of pita chips). Yummers.

It’s true. Coloring books are completely calming.

Silver Sister update: 1 yr an 8 mts dye free. Same day pics of a quarantine hairstyle.

Binging Ally McBeal on Hulu. I forgot how adorable she was.

August Recap-Week 1

I got a dozen roses for each of the 10 years Sr. Elizondo and I have been together. I happily have bouquets all around my house now.

My penchant for reading has returned to me. I started and finished, “The Five”. It tells the life of the 5 women victims of Jack the Ripper. This is NOT a story about the Ripper, simply about the lives of the women leading up to their fateful nights. I enjoyed this book so much more than I thought I would. Definite recommend.

My ZIIP arrived. My face is ready to be tightened up!

This midi shirt dress from Zara had me at Hello….and it has pockets.:) It’s a website where you can see peoples views from their homes, as well as share your own. A quarantined developed app I’m sure.

Playa del Carmen postponed yet again. Keeping hope alive for September.

I have developed an addiction to Nutella sorbet that my neighbor makes, sells, and now delivers. It’s like having an on-call ice cream truck.

Weekly Recap-July Week 4

A typical and almost mandatory Sunday morning breakfast in Monterrey is barbacoa tacos. Mmmmmmm.

Did you know that if roses don’t get enough sun, the blooms don’t get very big? My mini roses below have just been moved to a more sunny spot.

Now that I’ve discovered Janaya Khan’s Sunday Sermon on Instagram, I never miss them. Janaya is a gifted speaker that inspires strength, equality, unity, and love.

It might just be me…quarantine brain…or something else, but I see the Virgin Mary in my duvet cover.

This is probably the best Caesar salad dressing you can buy at the grocery store. It’s also one of the cheapest.

I bought my “Summer” Covid mask. (BTW: Sr. Elizondo and I both tested negative this week.)

July Recap-Week 3

Feelin’ the quarantine boredom this week for sure.

Trying to eat my veggies.

I found one of my favorite movies of all time with English subtitles on YouTube. Loveeeeeee!!!!

Sammers patiently waiting for me to wake up from an afternoon nap.

Sr. Elizondo’s daughter has adopted this little guy who showed up at her house one day. The big debate: is it a male or female???