Current Reads x2


Persepolis is the true story of a girl growing up in Iran during the early 1980’s. What’s awesome about this book is it’s in comic book format. It made for easy understanding of the government’s transition of power and how life was during that time  (seen through the eyes of a 12+ year old). I read this in a few hours and went to the bookstore for Persepolis II.


If you want to read a book that will pull at your heart strings, this is it. I was crying by page 8, underlining passages, giggling through parts and then crying some more. This story is told from the dogs viewpoint which is funny, sweet, and full of wisdom.

How I Became Motivated to Exercise


I hate the thought of exercising and then I do it and feel great. So, why do I dread it? For me, it’s the starting that’s difficult. It’s putting on the yoga tape, getting in the car to go to the gym, stepping out the door to walk.

Now, I do yoga and exercises on the regular. What changed? I took the pressure off of myself. I didn’t say, “Tomorrow Im going to start an exercise routine… Tomorrow, I’m running 5k… This week I’m going to the gym 3x”. I just woke up one morning and did 3 poses of yoga. Why? Because I read about these poses and wanted to try them. And then the next morning, I did it again (just because). Before I knew it, it started feeling good to begin my day this way. My body started feeling stronger and I started feeling more positive. I slowly added more poses until I was doing a 20 minute yoga sequence. Now, I’ve added 5 exercises to that.

Sometimes, I skip sequences and sometimes I skip exercises, and sometimes I skip days, and honestly I’ve even skipped weeks.  It’s all okay. I don’t beat myself up. It’s not a “routine” that I have to do. I’m not letting myself down by not doing it. It’s something I do because I enjoy it and I want to. No pressure is the key for me.

So my advice is tomorrow do a stretch, any stretch. And if you feel like it do another. And if you don’t, that’s okay. Maybe the day after tomorrow…if you feel like it.

After a Summer of Caregiving…


Thank You To:

The nurses who were all so kind to my dad.

Edward who unselfishly offered love and support throughout.

My sister who helped shoulder the caregiving responsibility and also brought gifts for me!

My best friend who got me out of my head and out of the house.

My teacher and brother in law who texted me throughout the summer wishing my father and I thoughts and prayers

The neighbor who offered their help and rides to church.

My dog that makes me smile everyday and kisses my tears away.

And a special thanks to the woman in the cancer care who touched my arm and gave me a warm smile when I didn’t even realize how desperately I needed it.





Legit Insalata Caprese Recipe



Simplicity is often the most delish. Recipe from
Insalata Caprese Recipee

Cut some very ripe tomatoes into slices, place them into a colander and salt them with sea salt. This will actually allow them to lose a lot of their water and taste even riper and more tender as the salt breaks the fruit down a little.

Leave to stand for an hour then rinse off the excess salt crystals.

Place the tomatoe slices into a flat salad dish.

Cut some Mozarella Buffala (it’s the creamer kind, you can find it everywhere nowadays) into medium to thick slices. Layer in between the tomatoes.

Drizzle on generously some virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar. Season with salt and pepper.

Take some pesto (for this quantity, no need to make your own unless you have some handy. I just buy a small jar of Pesto Genovese from my local supermarket) and coat the mozzarella and tomatoes with the sauce.

Then cut some FRESH basil leaves into large bits straight onto the salad and be generous.

Let stand for about 30mn (I find this way the tomatoes soak in the seasoning) and, as before, TASTE.

All this accompanied by a rather tasty glass of White Gascogne, Domaine de Sancet.

Bon appétit xxxxx

Trying Out Rain Soul


I’ve been taking Rain Soul seed supplement for a week or so now. They say the benefits of taking these seeds help maintain healthy joints, immune system, cardiovascular system, as well as neutralize free radicals (I’m still not sure what free radicals are, but I’m happy to neutralize them).



It’s too early for me to tell if this product accomplishes all of the above, but I can confirm that I definitely feel more energy during the day. I have a month supply, so I’ll re-evaluate then. For now, more energy is a thumbs up for me.

Maui in a Nutshell


Day 1 Ka’anapali. This is the view from my hotel room looking at Molokai. We stayed at Castle Paki Maui Condos. The condo was reasonably priced, good location, clean, with friendly staff. The cons were the beach next door was not the greatest and no A/C. The Fish Market is across the street serving tacos, ceviche, poke, etc. Loved this place.


Day 2 Lahaina. The main tourist town in Maui. Kimos Restaurant is a must and Uluani Shaved Ice lived up to it’s reputation.


Day 3 Wailea Beach & lunch at the Ritz. I liked this beach. There was plenty of room for everybody (mostly tourists), and the water was calm enough for paddle boarders and snorkelers. The Ritz has one restaurant for the public.


Day 4 Kapalua Beach (my favorite). A small beautiful beach with calm waters. And the bonus: umbrellas and chairs you can rent.


Day 5 Road to Hana & lunch at Mamas Fish House. Honestly, I feel the Road to Hana is a little overrated. It is definitely beautiful scenery, but really difficult to find places to park to see the sights along the way. As for Mamas Fish House,  every visitor to Maui needs to eat here. Delicious food with beautiful beach/views.


Day 6 Hangin at the hotel day.


Day 7 Makawao. A one street “cowboy” town of a few restaurants and posh stores. A perfect town to visit since we had a few hours to kill before our flight.



  • What I wore for 6 days: 2 shorts/5 tops & t’s/2 sundresses/ 2 cover ups & 2 bathing suits.
  • Car rental is a must.
  • Be prepared for your beach days. Most beaches we visited did not have shade or snacks nearby.
  • Hawaii is NOT cheap.