Pattern Tiles for the Patios

We’re making over our small garden this year. Frankly, it’s become a big mess with a grass area that we never use. We had decided on pavers, but then I saw these photos. Pattern tiles definitely take these outdoor spaces up a notch.

Recipe of the Week-Homemade Bread

Making bread is easy and forgiving, but time consuming. The ingredients are simple: flour, water, salt, yeast. I thought throughout the process I was basically just making a mess, but in the end it tasted great.

Step one: Mix the ingredients and wait.

Step two: Knead, cover, and wait a long time.

The next morning, this happened. There was no mention of bubbles in the recipe and the consistency certainly was not dough. It also had not doubled or tripled in size. I was highly doubtful of success at this point, but I kept on going. I “folded my dough” a few more times, covered, and waited some more.

The recipe said, put the seam side of the dough up in the dutch oven. I poured mine in.

45 minutes later, hot out of the oven, I was happily surprised with this beauty.

Unfortunately, I didn’t oil my pot and it completely burnt/stuck to the bottom. I managed to cut it out. It was still pretty and tasty!

Making bread is a one and done for me. I’ve done it, but I’ll be buying it from a bakery from now on. It only lasts a few days. For a household of two and when only one eats bread, it’s just too much.

I found this recipe on I would post it here, but there are alot of details/tips she gives when making this recipe.

January Buys

I know one of my resolutions was to buy only one personal item per month, but both these items were super cheap. That’s how I’m justifying the additional buy.

This blouse from H&M.

And these slippers from Zara home that I got for practically nothing.

Recipe of the Week- Pork Soup

I had big dreams for the pork I bought, but it seemed every recipe I found had an ingredient I didn’t have. It was time to improvise which usually does not have a good outcome when it comes to me in the kitchen.

I started with cooking the pork pieces into a pot with sautéed onion and garlic. Then I decided to throw in some paprika and beef broth. I was on my way to making soup. Not the most exciting recipe, but true to my 2020 goal: I’ve never made a pork soup.

I did the usual adding tomato, celery, carrot, s&p, herbs de Provence. It was just okay tasting. Then I added the ingredient that made this soup delish: Fennel seed. Once I added this, it all came together scrumptiously.

In true form, I added shredded parmesan cheese because everything is better with cheese. In my opinion, cheese is similar to bacon in this way.

Latest Low Waste Hack

Now that Mexico has implemented no more plastic bags, our stash we have been using for the bathroom trash is rapidly dwindling. A quick look on the internet and problem solved. You can use newspaper.

You simply fold the newspaper into a cone and wah-lah.

Works like a charm.