My Book Store Game Plan


“One day I will find the right words and they will be simple”. -Jack Kerouac

(City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco CA. A Literary Landmark)

Nooks and Kindles could never actually replace an actual book. For me, I just feel more connected to the book and the author when I have it in my hand turning the pages. Don’t get me wrong. I buy books online too. It’s a necessity living in Monterrey. There are only a few small bookstores in malls that I have found, and really small English sections. But when I’m back in the states, I can easily idle away hours roaming the book aisles. It’s my happy place. I’m sure a lot of book nerds have a master plan for navigating the bookstore. Here is mine.

  1. First is my list. I go to the bookstore with a list of books that are all candidates for that days purchase.
  2. Do a quick scan of displays as soon as I walk through the doors. See if anything pops out at me.
  3. Locate and pick up the books on my list. This is important to do first thing because if I wait until I’m ready to leave, I have often forgotten all about those books.
  4. Go to the New York Times bestsellers section. This is to simply to look at the newer popular books. I normally do not purchase these because they are hard covers. I’m a gal on a budget!
  5. Now I go to the new books in paperback. These are the books that have recently been put into soft cover from hardcover. Now we’re talkin…
  6. Next, I check out the New Writers section and the Staff Recommendation section.
  7. Meander through the rest of the aisles: Literature, Poetry, Self Help, Cookbooks, Classics, etc.
  8. At this point, it’s been an hour or two and I will have an armful of books. I go through them and reevaluate which books to purchase. I can usually get it to around 5 books, but the ones I leave behind will haunt me throughout the rest of my visit.
  9. On to the discount books. Here is where I will pick up any last minute books which will in turn cause me to have to reevaluate my purchases again.
  10. After this, I walk through the miscellaneous area of journals, bookmarks, calendars, etc. I rarely buy from this section, but I always walk through it anyway.
  11. Now I’m finished and the next stop is the cashier. This is when I pause, relook at my books, consider the ones I left behind, and make the decision: Should I go back for the book/s I left behind?
  12.  Lastly, I get in line and buy.
  13. Often when I’m driving home thinking about the books I bought, I will realize I forgot to give the cashier the coupon I had.


Its Official, Rosé Season is Here



I know some of you are still living in the cold, but for me here in Mexico we went straight from a few weekends of winter to summer. And while I’m not quite ready for all the heat, I am quite ready to start drinking Rosé.

Note: (If you are still experiencing winter weather, well… it is officially Spring so go ahead)

Here’s a few stats on Rosé

  • Rosé (French) is called Rosado (Spain), Rosato (Italy), and it’s also known as blush
  • European Rosés are drier than rosés from other parts of the world
  • Primarily consumed in Spring and Summer
  • Fruity profile and should be dry
  • Serve chilled
  • One of the most versatile food friendly wines
  • Bargain wine

When in doubt, ask for a dry Rosé from Provence under $15.00. Á votre santé!

Dinner Chez Moi- Book Review



So, this is definitely a cookbook, but more too. It’s a cookbook made for the basic to mid level cook. It’s a perfect French cookbook for those like me: culinary challenged, lacking  decision making skills of what to cook, not wanting to spend hours in the kitchen. (BTW: I have tried a few of her recipes from her previous books and they have been easy to make and delicious.)

There are also a lot of French cooking tips and insights into how the French view and eat meals. Which is why I read this book entirely last night (excluding all the recipes) and am counting it as one of the 12 books I said I would read this year. 😉

March Recap


Sun & heat     arrived

Decisions    made

Spanish class    continues

Weekends      family, art fair, restaurants

First flowers in    the garden

Home       remodel on track

Sams birthday    sweetness

Book    stumped

New beginning    state of mind

Bullet Journaling


I just found out about Bullet Journals and now that I know about it, I see it everywhere! This is a great idea for “list” people.

It´s basically an all in one agenda book. You hand make your journal which includes everything and anything you want or need: day/month planning; goals; inspirations; notes; dates, reminders, etc. The idea is that you make your planner in a format that works for you in a bulleted simple statement kinda way. I realized I partially do this already using the “Notes” section in the back of my calendar book, but not as thought out. I think Bullet Journaling is on to something.

Here’s a few of examples below. Let your creativity flow!