Current Read- My Twenty Five Years in Provence



Peter Mayle’s look back at his life in Provence and the affection he had for his chosen homeland. As always, his writing is full of charm as he brings you into the rhythms of Provence living.

This nostalgic book being his last before he died seems a fitting goodbye. Nobody did it better. RIP.


“A Year in Provence” is my favorite Mayle book, and probably one of my favorite books in general. He and his wife decide to move to France and he details the beauty of Provence, the struggles of being an expat, and the characters of the village all with love and humor.

Cabo vs Cancun


Now that I have finally been to Cabo, I can see the difference between Cabo and Cancun is drastic. Here’s how I break them down.



  • Desert environment
  • Dry heat
  • Grainy sand, darker blue water, waves
  • Laid back party vibe 
  • Santa Fe, town esthetic
  • 1 Shopping Mall
  • Has a marina
  • The Centro is a very clean, small, and walkable town with lots of shops, restaurants, and bars for partying, especially at night.
  • Beach clubs
  • Fishing tours, glass bottom boats, jet skis are really popular
  • Pueblo Magico Todos Santos is approximately 1 hour away.



  • Tropical environment
  • High humidity
  • White powder sand, Caribbean blue sea, calm
  • All-inclusive hotel mecca
  • Vegas party vibe 
  • Miami, city esthetic
  • Shopping Malls
  • Tons of Tours. There are SO many things to do in the Riviera Maya from water parks, Cirque de Solei, to Mayan pyramids.
  • Playa del Carmen (Mexican feeling zone, touristy, but totally fun) and Tulum (hippie, yoga, healthy, upscale posh) are nearby towns.


So are you looking for beautiful beaches, don’t mind humidity with lots to do? Then you would prefer Cancun.

Or are you looking for a more casual party atmosphere with plenty of boats for tours and fishing, and jet skis? Then Cabo is your destination.


Medano Beach in Cabo


For our last day in Cabo, we decided to go to Medano Beach. It’s a short distance outside of the Centro. Technically, I think you could walk it, but we chose the easier bici-taxi mode.

If we were not staying in an all-inclusive, Medano Beach would be the area I would stay in. There are 4-5 beach clubs that you can rent lounge chairs, eat, drink, and swim. There seemed to be a beach club for everyone. We opted for the mellower Cachet Club, but trust, if you like to party there’s definitely a club for you too. There are also plenty of boats and jet skis available for fun.

Hanging Out in Cabo


All inclusive hotels are great, but don’t forget to go see the actual town too. We went into Cabo BCS today. My first impression was how new and clean the town feels. I think I was expecting a more pueblo feel.

After a quick walk, we went to the marina for a boat ride to see Lands End up close. The boat ride was about 45 minutes. A quick note about pricing of this ride: We paid $350 pesos per person. Once we were on the boat, we realized everyone else had paid $150. Sr. Elizondo was not pleased with this. And after a long discussion with the people who sold us the tickets, we got the better price.

For lunch we went to Los Claros (recommended by a local) for fish tacos and doraditos. It was delicious! The ceviche looked great too and I plan on ordering it on my next visit.


After lunch, Sr. Elizondo had a massage while I walked around looking at shops. We ended our day at CaboWabo listening to live music and drinking cervezas.


Mexico Beach Bliss



A couple of pictures from our morning walks on the beach.

Our Hotel faces the Sea of Cortez. The water is a dark shade of blue with constant turquoise waves. It seems all day and night is high tide. Someone mentioned a small earthquake in north Baja is the cause. Regardless, watching and hearing them is pure relaxation.

The rocks in the background are called Lands End. On this side of the rocks is the Sea of Cortez. The other side of those same rocks is the Pacific Ocean.

The sand is somewhat grainy with pebbles in some areas.  The pebbles weren’t foot friendly , but no complaints when it comes to natural beauty.



24 Hrs to Beach Days!


I’m on the countdown to the first beach vacay of the summer! With the countdown comes the list: gardener scheduled (check), Sam sent to puppy jail (I hate this part, but next trip I vow to send her to a puppy hotel)(check), itinerary sent to sister (check), folder of itinerary/tickets to bring (check), pack luggage (just starting).

Here’s my preliminary packing list for 5 full beach days at an all inclusive…..and it’s sure to change…

  1. Plane outfits (1 pair jeans or shorts, 2 tops)
  2. 3 bathing suits & coverups
  3. 5 dresses for dinners
  4. 1 pair shorts & 1 top (possible excursion or non beach day)
  5. 2 lounge dresses (in-between pool and dinner time)
  6. 1 pair heel, 1 pair sandal, 1 pair flip flops

I’ll post the trip with final outfit decisions. Adios Amigos!

Tasting a Pithaya (Dragonfruit)

Cravings, Wellness

I’ve been seeing this fruit sold on the street corners recently and had no idea what it was. Then I saw it at the grocery store and it’s called Pithaya (aka: Dragonfruit). It’s such a pretty pink, I decided to give it a try.

I wasn’t sure how to cut it, so I cut the ends and took off the skin.

Later, I looked up the proper way. You slice it down the center an then scoop out the inside. Oh well.

I simply cut it up and had a go at it. My immediate reaction was a kiwi.  It has the same texture and seeds. It’s sweet and has a slight cactus after-flavor to it. I read another review that says it has a marshmallow flavor.  I didn’t taste that, but then I’m not familiar picking out a Dragonfruit, so I’m not sure if the one I chose was a “good one” or not. Regardless, it was still tasty.

I added cut up banana and pineapple to it for a fruit salad. It was so delish, I ate it before I took a picture! Next time…