May Recap-Week 1

Switched out clay colored pillows and throws for Springtime yellow.

My latest series find that I’m loving…Vanity Fair.

Purchased a new supply of Candle-Lite candles for the next couple of months.

My quarantine uniform I wear on repeat every week.

Making meditation, morning yoga, and healthy eating my new normal.

April Recap-Week 1

Gettin my yoga on from my favorite, “Yoga with Adrienne” on Youtube.

Happy 12th Birthday to the four legged love of my life.

Watched, “Miracle in Cell 7” on Netflix. It’s the sweetest and the BIGGEST tearjerker movie I’ve seen in years. A “Must See” if only just to watch the cutest little girl in the world.

Taking some clippings to make some new starter plants. Fingers crossed.

My hair has finally grown out enough for French braids. Just in time for summer.:)

March Weekly Recap-4

The Coronavirus obsession/paranoia sets in.

The week was full of last minute doctor appointments, medications bought, grocery store stock up (but not hoarding!), dog groomed and car filled with gas.

Thinking now it’s time for an at home wellness retreat to try to keep a balance.

The small upstairs tv room is now a yoga space.

Hoping the rental price of Emma comes down soon. I can’t wait to see it, but I’m not willing to pay $20.

March Weekly Recap

I’ve added L-Glutamine to my vitamin regime. It’s great for digestion. I noticed a difference day 1. Sluggy tummy no more!

I’ve been in a vintage-y decor mood recently. While garage sales are few and far between, Sr. Elizondo and I passed by one and a candelabra caught my eye. We left with a set of candelabras and a large peacock painting.

I finished the book Wise Blood. The story of a young man who is grappling with his faith in God and inadvertently becomes a preacher of a God-less religion. He meets a man with ‘wise blood” and other characters that symbolically represent his struggles.

Another wedding, another dress needed. I bought this one from NordyRack and it’s perfect for Cancun.

The best of the best, unexpected roses from Sr. Elizondo. My favorite is to break them up into multiple mini bouquets for around the house.

My First Month Having the Hormone Pellet

What can I say about the peri-menopausal struggle, except F%$#@!!! I’ve tried shots, pills, patches, and natural remedies. Heat flashes and emotional highs/lows still plague me. The desperation to feel normal is overwhelming me. I decided to try the hormone pellet.

The hormone pellet is formulated to your specific needs based on your own hormone blood testing. It’s placed about an inch inside your “cheeky” via a small incision. It’s so small, stitches are not necessary. The pellet slowly releases hormones on a daily basis. After 6 months, a follow up appointment with your doctor is needed. You then decide if the pellet is still working or if you need another one inserted. Pellets generally last 6-9 months. (It didn’t hurt being inserted due to local anesthesia, but it was sore and bruised for the following week.)

Week 1: I was a bit more irritable and teary eyed than before the pellet. I thought, ” Oh Lordy, this is gonna be a long 6 months”. On the upside, my heat flashes stopped.

Week 2: My moods were still the same erratic peri-menopausal ones they always were. I’m beginning to doubt this pellet business. I contacted the dr who said to give it another full week to feel the effects. Hmmm?….ok.

Week 3: I’ve officially gained 10lbs since the pellet was inserted and had girl time about 10 days too soon. Everything still feels the same to me. Or if there is a change in my moods, it’s happening at a slow pace. Per another conversation with the dr, I’m taking Primogyn again. Why did I do this pellet???

Week 4: Still in the same up and down emotional mess, only heavier now. The only pro after one month is my heat flashes have diminished quite a bit. Other than that, I’m giving the hormone pellet a BIG thumbs down. My personal opinion is I think it’s basically alot of hype with little return.

5 months to go…

Zero Waste Food Goal

Sr. Elizondo and I came to an agreement that we would eat the food we had before buying more. It seems the obvious thing to do, but it’s surprising how much food we were buying when there was a pantry and refrigerator already full. It was even more surprising how much food we were throwing away just because we would forget about it or buy new. It’s nothing we implemented hard core, but we’ve been making a daily effort for a few months now. You can see in the photo our efforts are showing.

Our newly decluttered refrigerator got a spring cleaning. It’s almost instagrammable…at least for today.

Here’s what we’ve been doing:

  • I buy produce more often and in smaller quantities.
  • Our meals are in smaller quantities too. And if we don’t finish it, it becomes lunch or dinner the next day. If we make it, we have to eat it.
  • Fruits and vegetables that are beginning to ripen, we take out of the bin and put in a glass bowl on a shelf so we don’t forget about them. They are usually thrown into smoothies, salads or soups.

Next up is the pantry. While we don’t eat a lot of processed and canned foods, we bought it therefore, we need to eat it. I actually just found some cans of chili that expired in 2013. So first up is to clear out the expired items!


A Cheat Day on Keto is No Bueno

After two months of Keto and a serious case of PMS, I had a carb/sugar bonanza day. I’m talking a no holds barred carb fiesta. By early evening, I was sick. Seriously sick and it came on quick. It started with shakes, sweating, the feeling of maybe passing out. I layed down for awhile and felt better. By feeling better I mean I was then only feeling extreme lethargy and nausea. I went to bed and woke up today still feeling nausea, tiredness, and a disturbing fullness. I’m not sure how to feel better at this point. Non/low carb smoothies and soups when I can eat maybe??? Any suggestions?

The moral of this story: If you decide to eat carbs/sugar after an extended period of Keto eating, do so gradually.

My Keto Food Must Haves

In case you’re thinking of trying to eat the Keto way, here’s a list of staples I ALWAYS have and use on a daily basis.

  • Almond and Coconut Flour
  • Stevia or whatever alternative to sugar you use
  • Coconut Oil/Olive Oil
  • Cacao/Cocoa powder
  • Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Almond Milk
  • Eggs
  • Cheeses
  • Meats
  • Veggies

Here’s my normal Keto daily menu options:

Breakfast:  Smoothie; eggs, bacon/sausage; waffles; muffins.

Lunch: Veggie Soup; sandwich w/keto bread; chicken/meat; keto pizza. A slice of Almond Yogurt Cake

Dinner: Almost always a big salad with cheese and sometimes meat/chicken.

Desert: A slice of Almond Yogurt Cake; Fat bomb; yogurt popsicle or a couple spoonfuls of Lemon Curd.

Snacks: Fat bombs, cheese, nuts.

*Almond Yogurt Cake is my biggest go-to. Recipe is under Cravings.

***Not sure if this meets the Keto pyramid guidelines, and I don’t count the cal/carbs/sugar ratios. I’m just doing what makes my body feel good and work well.


Blood Work After 5 Weeks Keto

It’s been 5 weeks eating the Keto way and I wanted to get my blood work done to see if anything is looking bad. I have to admit eating so much fat and eggs concerns me. (BTW: In the past, my bloodwork tests always have come back in the normal range.)

This morning, Sr. Elizondo and I woke up early to be the first people at the lab. (We were the second.) It was a quick blood draw with same day results. It turns out my blood tests once again turned out normal. My cholesterol, triglycerides, magnesium, etc all okay. Two thumbs up to that.

Next week will be my last week on Keto before adding carbs back into my diet.