Menopause Product Recommendation


Menopause sucks. HRT for me caused more problems than I originally had. Because of that and other reasons, I have had to find alternative treatments to help get me through this nightmare.

My latest symptom is I’m as dry as the Sahara desert. I had no idea the pain that can come from this. After consulting with my gynecologist, she had me try Velastisa. This company has multiple products for women for all stages of life (per their tagline).

This specific product is a cleanser and moisturizer which helps the PH and flora. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and this product is well worth it. The effects were noticeable almost immediately. It’s worth a try ladies.

Tasting a Pithaya (Dragonfruit)

Cravings, Wellness

I’ve been seeing this fruit sold on the street corners recently and had no idea what it was. Then I saw it at the grocery store and it’s called Pithaya (aka: Dragonfruit). It’s such a pretty pink, I decided to give it a try.

I wasn’t sure how to cut it, so I cut the ends and took off the skin.

Later, I looked up the proper way. You slice it down the center an then scoop out the inside. Oh well.

I simply cut it up and had a go at it. My immediate reaction was a kiwi.  It has the same texture and seeds. It’s sweet and has a slight cactus after-flavor to it. I read another review that says it has a marshmallow flavor.  I didn’t taste that, but then I’m not familiar picking out a Dragonfruit, so I’m not sure if the one I chose was a “good one” or not. Regardless, it was still tasty.

I added cut up banana and pineapple to it for a fruit salad. It was so delish, I ate it before I took a picture! Next time…



Juice Fast Day 6


It’s the end of day 6 and I’m finished!

I have to admit the last day was not as stringent as before. After yesterday’s salad fiasco, I wasn’t hungry at all…for anything. I had my morning lemon water and water in general, but thinking of any of the juices made me nauseous. It wasn’t until after 1:00pm that I had my first juice. Then I had 2 more and that was it.

In the end, I’m happy I did it. I feel lighter and it was a great motivator to get healthy. On the downside, it was REALLY difficult. The flu symptoms were the worst, but I guess if you want the toxins out you have to accept the pain. And as for losing weight, I have no idea. It was a detox for health, not a diet.

Would I do it again? Yes, but probably at a retreat/spa with all the herbs, massages, colonics, etc. I feel like those things really help the process. What I would do at home is a modified version of juices with a daily plant based meal.

As for tomorrow I plan on a morning smoothie, a plant based meal, and a squash soup that’s in process now. Cheers to healthy living!





Juice Fast Day 5


Good morning from Monterrey. It’s day 5 and I can see the light!


I felt okay today, but not energized like yesterday. I was wishing the juices were more varied. I have 4 different flavors each day, but they are same everyday in the same order. The monotony is getting to me.

In the evening, I broke it. I had a salad. About an hour later, the salad came right back up. So does that still count as cheating??? haha.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day of juicing and I’m wondering how to handle the days after. I definitely want to continue the plant-based healthy eating. It’s time to do some research and get a plan in place.


Juice Fast Day 2


Day 2

I was anticipating feeling bad this morning, but I woke up at 8:00am feeling really good. I did my morning routine (see day 1 post) and began my day.  However, 11:30am came and so did the headache, yuck mouth, and light headedness. By 6:00pm, I felt like crap. It became a tv, reading, napping type of day. The good news was I didn’t start craving food until 3:00pm.

The picture above are the 4 different  juices I’m drinking each daily. They’re all good, but the Almond Joy is delicious! It”s an almond, cinnamon, vanilla drink that completely satisfies my sweet tooth. In bed by 10pm.

Juice Fast Day 1


Welcome to day 1of my juice fast. I have 6 juices to drink each day, every 2 hours. I’m also drinking a glass of warm lemon water, 1 fiber drink and 1 ACV with honey every morning. And of course lots of water. However, 8pm is the cutoff for any drinks because I want the 12 hour complete fasting period to happen.

Cheers! (No filter pic. Keepin’ it real!) See below for how my day went.

Morning Routine:

  • 8am Wake up
  • Tongue scrape/brush teeth
  • A glass of warm lemon water
  • 20-30 minutes on the eliptical
  • Dry brush my body, oil pull, & shower
  • First Juice of the day & probiotics (9:30am)
  • Gratitude journal
  • 15 minute meditation

I have to admit by 10:30, I wanted to eat. I didn’t see that coming so soon, but I wanted to eat ALL day. There was never any stomach growling as my tummy was constantly full of juice, but a want for savory flavors and chewing.

During the day, I worked in the garden and took a nap. Other than that, it was a relaxing day. Physical symptoms didn’t happen until later in the afternoon. By 5:00pm, I had a raging headache and was a little foggy brained, like I had taken allergy medicine. Sinuses and yuck mouth also kicked in. Needless to say, I was ready for bed by 9:00pm.

5 days left!










Let the Juice Fast Begin!


Since I’ve been feeling so sluggish/slobbish lately, I needed to find a way to jumpstart myself back into healthy living, I’ve been doing small healthy things here and there, but for whatever reason, I haven’t been able to fully commit. So what brilliant idea have I come up with to solve this dilemma?  I decided to go ‘all in’ on a juice fast for 6 days.

I found a juice bar called JuiceMart here in Monterrey. They also make fresh detox juices for at home juice fasts.  I begin tomorrow!

I’ve gone to a 9 day juice fast retreat before, so I have an idea of what it’s like. I’m anticipating the toughest part being that I will not be in a controlled environment this time. I’ll be posting my experience along with all the wellness activities I will be doing. I welcome any recommendations anybody might have.



The Perimenopausal Meltdown


Just when you think it’s under control or maybe you have passed that phase of peri-menopause, BAM! Peri-menopausal rage smacks you in the face. Therefore, you must smack someone else with it. It’s so difficult to explain, but it happens in a flash before you even saw or felt it coming. And then the explosion is uncontrollable.

Luckily, I survived it and more importantly Sr. Elizondo survived it too (God bless him). Instead of beating myself up, I will consider this past episode a wake up call that it’s time to get back into healthy living. In all honesty, I can’t even remember the last time I took an herb or vitamin.

How to start this reintegration into health: Back to morning smoothies full of chia, hemp, coconut oil, seeds, maca, fruits and veggies.

Here’s a little bit of trivia: Did you know female killer whales also go through menopause? Egads!