My First Month Having the Hormone Pellet

What can I say about the peri-menopausal struggle, except F%$#@!!! I’ve tried shots, pills, patches, and natural remedies. Heat flashes and emotional highs/lows still plague me. The desperation to feel normal is overwhelming me. I decided to try the hormone pellet. The hormone pellet is formulated to your specific needs based on your own hormoneContinue reading “My First Month Having the Hormone Pellet”

Zero Waste Food Goal

Sr. Elizondo and I came to an agreement that we would eat the food we had before buying more. It seems the obvious thing to do, but it’s surprising how much food we were buying when there was a pantry and refrigerator already full. It was even more surprising how much food we were throwingContinue reading “Zero Waste Food Goal”

A Cheat Day on Keto is No Bueno

After two months of Keto and a serious case of PMS, I had a carb/sugar bonanza day. I’m talking a no holds barred carb fiesta. By early evening, I was sick. Seriously sick and it came on quick. It started with shakes, sweating, the feeling of maybe passing out. I layed down for awhile andContinue reading “A Cheat Day on Keto is No Bueno”

My Keto Food Must Haves

In case you’re thinking of trying to eat the Keto way, here’s a list of staples I ALWAYS have and use on a daily basis. Almond and Coconut Flour Stevia or whatever alternative to sugar you use Coconut Oil/Olive Oil Cacao/Cocoa powder Plain Greek Yogurt Almond Milk Eggs Cheeses Meats Veggies Here’s my normal KetoContinue reading “My Keto Food Must Haves”

Blood Work After 5 Weeks Keto

It’s been 5 weeks eating the Keto way and I wanted to get my blood work done to see if anything is looking bad. I have to admit eating so much fat and eggs concerns me. (BTW: In the past, my bloodwork tests always have come back in the normal range.) This morning, Sr. ElizondoContinue reading “Blood Work After 5 Weeks Keto”