A Worthy Dinner in Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia Bulgaria is a quick 50 minute plane ride from Bucharest. We arrived at our hotel and quickly made a beeline to a recommended Bulgarian restaurant. I would give the name, but I cannot read or pronounce it!

Homemade bread made daily, served with curry spices for dipping. It was really good, I would have never guessed.

Pork cooked multiple ways and all were amazing. I also now know why Bulgarians are so proud of their yogurt. I slathered my lettuce with it and couldn’t get enough.

Now that my belly is full, it’s time for a cup of hot tea and sleep. Tomorrow’s plan is a full day of exploring.

Visiting Auschwitz

We went to tour Auschwitz-Birkenhau concentration camps today. The bus ride is about 1-1 1/2hr outside of Krakow. The countryside is picturesque.

I’ve read more than a few books about the holocaust and even toured a camp outside of Berlin before, but I was still not emotionally prepared for this tour. The guided tour was obviously informative, but had a more intimate focus on the prisoners themselves. That, along with the actual clothing, items, and hair of the victims, the sheer fact that they were simply here to be exterminated, was put “in your face”.

I fought back the tears and I was not the only one.

Entering the Auschwitz camp, the sign reads, “Work will set you free”.

The execution wall.

The gas chamber.

The Birkenhau camp is just massive rows of prisoner blocks housing prisoners before gassing them in the chambers.

The foundations of the blocks are all that is left, but some are still standing.

Over 1,000,000 people (mostly Jews) died in these 2 camps alone. 75% were killed upon arrival. Approximately 7,000 survived.

Rows of people, their faces and names.

The paperwork of the people brought to Auschwitz.

The ashes of one representing all.

My Heart is Melting Over These Dolls

An ad popped up on my Instagram for Cuddle & Kind.  Their dolls captured my heart instantly. I am not into cutesy things or decor. And I don’t really have any little person to buy this for at the moment, but I’m thinking I might buy one anyway. They are just too adorable.

Not to mention Cuddle & Kind is a free trade company that also gives 10 free meals to children in need with every doll sold. Everybody wins buying one of these dolls.