Relaxin in Perissa



With a full agenda planned, we instead find ourselves lounging on beach chairs in Perissa. The weather is a perfect 80f with cool breezes, black sand beach and blue water. We’re enjoying Mythos beers and chatting together, as well as listening to all the different languages being spoken around us.

Now the big decision of the day has become where do we want to go eat.:)

Food Poisoning Travel Woes



We spent most of the day in Lapad at a small beach club.


We swam in the Adriatic Sea, drank beers and had fish and chips for lunch. It was a travel day going as planned until that evening..

Sr Elizondo got it first and then about 4 hours later I became sick too. I’ve never had food poisoning, but there’s no mistaking it when you get it.  We suspect it was the fish since we both ate the same thing.

Now it’s been 24 hours and we’re both still recovering. Our last day in Dubrovnik has been spent in our hotel room.

I’m looking at it as one more travel experience I’ve now had.