Starting Sunday Morning Right

Starting the Sunday off with a brisk walk in the park and we’re lucky to live by one so pretty. The park includes a 3 mile pathway, a creek, dog agility zone, and free range chickens! All of this comes with beautiful views too.

After our walk, we went for breakfast in Barrio Antiguo. The restaurant was small and in a really old building which I loved.

Now that I’m fueled and energized, it’s time for the Sunday routine of food prep, laundry, and sofa time with Sr. Elizondo. Happy Sunday everyone!

How Do You Know When It’s Time…

to let go of your favorite shorts?

When a 4 years old comes up to you in a store and asks, “Why are you wearing broken shorts?”.

Adios my favorite friend. You were true blue.

My Silver Sister Story-Purple Progression

When I was adding highlights to blend the grays on top to the color on the bottom, I had one annoying yellow bleached streak in the front. After two dye trys, the streak would still not turn gray/silver. I became very frustrated with it.

This was the best the yellow streak ever looked. In the outside light, it just looked bleached and fried. It certainly didn’t look like my true silvers.

Since purple shampoo helps with yellowing grays, I colored my streak purple with Manic Panic dye. My theory being eventually it will fade to a bluish/purple tone, not yellow.

I wasn’t thrilled with the look, but at least it looked intentional now. Sr. Elizondo saw me and just laughed.

After a couple of weeks and a few washings of the streak with Dawn detergent, it mellowed to this. I kind of liked it. It’s definitely not yellow.

Now were at about one month later. It’s very pale at this point and still not yellow. It’s more of a pale pink/rose gold at this point. I’m liking this alot.

My theory seems to be proving true at least up to this point. The directions stated to leave it on for approximately 30 min and it should last 6-8 weeks. I left it on for 10 min and the bottom pic is at one month with some intentional extra washings for it to fade. This stuff seriously stains the color. If I did it again, I would put the Manic Panic on and immediately wash it off. I would also look for a lavender or maybe pink to start with.

My Latest Balcony Visitor

For those of you that don’t know, I put up hummingbird feeders on my balcony and now have a constant steady stream of the hummingbirds coming to visit. I’ve had a new visitor the past few days. A little birdy is coming to visit, but I’m not sure it’s for breadcrumbs. You see, he’s either in love or in hate with himself.

On my balcony is a wall plant holder that has a mirror. It currently has a geranium growing in it. Our new little balcony friend has discovered himself in this mirror. He comes and sits in the geranium, staring and tweeting loudly at himself for long periods of time, at least twice a day. By long periods of time, I mean over an hour per visit minimum.

A perfect picture of a hummingbird below, but it’s the bird in the planter I want you to see. That’s him.



Covet Corner-October 2019

This Crate and Barrel chair.

The ability to cook puff pastry perfectly. (‘m 4/4 failures. I give up.)

Maira Kalman illustrated (and always thoughtful) books.

Le Creuset French Press.

Biologique Recherche P50. Supposed to be amazing and a price tag to reflect that.


My Silver Sister Story- 11 Months

I’m at the 11 month marker of going gray and it’s been a few weeks since I added some gray highlights and toner to blend with my original color. This was done mostly for a wedding I’m attending on Saturday. Now that the deed is done, I wish I had not blended and here’s why.

The non dyed portion of my hair was previously baby soft and healthy feeling has now become dryer again from the highlights. It’s not a big problem and really only noticeable to me, but it will take another 10 months to feel that kind of hair again.

Because I have a natural prominent front silver streak, we added quite a bit of the highlight to the front. A portion of the bleach never turned the silver white, but maintained a yellow tinge. We did it a second time which made it a little better, but it’s still yellowish. I now have a portion of extremely dry hair there and some unwanted bangs due to breakage. I’m not willing to go a third round of bleach to try for the solid silver. I have no doubt this front streak is going to suck to grow out due to color and damage.

Lastly, toner which was my favorite part of blending my hair has already faded out some. I can see the caramel/orange color returning. It’s not as dramatic though…at least not yet. Regardless, I’ll cut before I toner again.

For me, blending has more cons than pros. It looks better than before, but If I could do it all over again, I would simply put my hair up for the wedding and not worry about it. Frequent haircuts is the better route when embracing your silvers. Live and learn.


Sunday Home Days

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Mostly because Sr. Elizondo and I spend this day together. We occasionally go out to breakfast, but for the most part it’s our ‘home day’.

Home day for us means, breakfast together, some gardening and house improvements, music played loudly (at least for a few hours until I request a lower volume), laundry, more cooking for lunch, puzzles, reading, and always ending with sofa time and movie watching.

I’ve also added batch cooking into the mix. Sundays are now the day I make my weekly yogurt, soup, and baked keto goods for the week. Having these items on hand at all times, keeps me on the healthy track.