November Recap-Week 4

A Playa Del Carmen visual.

My new kitchen inspiration and final decision. Concrete, open style. I not only like the style, but it seems to be the best option living in high humidity.

A couple of weeks ago on Post Secret was the secret below. The recipe has now gone viral. I want to make it too.

This recipe has been a family secret for 100 years. It’s a great pie, and deserves to be shared. My petty vindictive aunts don’t deserve to keep it to themselves. I love and miss you, Grandma!

I’ve resurrected my Garmin step tracker from probably 2013. So now I’m one of the counters trying to hit the daily 10,000.

Cereal Magazines, “Autumn 2020” playlist on Spotify. Grab a throw and a glass of wine, and relax.

Rainy day boredom buys.

  • Oysho tunic dress (much cuter in person & it has pockets)
  • Oysho bralettes (the best)
  • Zara top
  • Old Navy tunic (in a large size and I’ve been wearing it as a dress…ALOT)
  • Pull & Bear cotton maxi. I have all 3 colors now and basically live in them.
  • Stradivarius top. Random on sale purchase that I love.

This is a torta de pollo milanese (chicken sandwich) I bought from a man selling food from the back of his car, which is common in Mexico. (BTW: It reminded me of Subway, but better.)

November Recap-Week 3

Sr. E just left this week and we already miss him.

The Crown Season 4 on Netflix is just as good as the first three seasons. I’m slightly obsessed.

I ordered my planner for next year. Yay! This time I made a custom one through Golden Coil.

The usual.

Current read: The Stone Crusher. The true story of a jewish father and son who survive the camps together, Auschwitz included.

Trump is going to stress me out until the very end. Started a 40 day Kirtan Kriya meditation.

Bienvenido to this guy who’s making a life in my tiny and unloved gravel patio.

It’s slowly happening. Sandy Toes 2.0 is getting a little bigger. 🙂

My latest food find was just outside the community. A couple of Argentinians set up a Choripan (Argentinian sausage sandwich) station, along with empanadas, tartlets, and alfajores. It’s all made from scratch and it’s all delicioso.

Started 9 days of morning celery juice. It’s not a pleasant drink, but my sister swears by it’s benefits.

November Recap-Week 2

For the past month plus, it has rained non stop. I’m so over it.

And then on Nov 7, the clouds parted…:)

A visit to the beach on this day was necessary I think for everyone.

Apparently my left ear canal is defective because the AirPod just won’t stay secure in that ear. So below is my necessary headphone purchase.

Lunch at Los Aguachiles in Playacar. I’m not normally a huge ceviche fan, but I was today. Mmmmmm.

Some Sandy Toes 20 progress. Bathroom tiles are actually happening.

There’s actual progress happening outside of Sandy Toes as well. A new plaza being built just outside the community. Yay!

Sam has started laying on my foot these days. Not sure why, but as always she’s melting my heart.

Seafood again, this time at La Barracuda. An unassuming place, but Oh So Good. Sr. E said it’s the best seafood he has had in Playa. I think I agree.

November Recap-Week 1

Due to the endless storms, I had no electricity. After 31 hours, I gave up and went to a hotel. Hotel Lahun is in a great location in Centro on 10th, and has huge clean rooms.

Sam loves a hotel bed.

Met my reading goal of 15 books for 2020. My top 4 from this year:

  • The Hearts Invisible Furies
  • In the Garden of Good and Evil
  • The Five
  • Ill Be Gone in the Dark

Next up: The Lover by Marguerite Duras

Waiting for election results is agonizing, but hopefully worth it.

My Ah-Ha moment. I realized that for the past 2+ months, I have been completely happy in a small condo, driving a cheap car, wearing a 20 item wardrobe, and a kitchen food pantry that’s actually just a cabinet.

The usual.

My first day dog walking for Voluntarios Perrunos was a bust. Long story short, I couldn’t find the shelter. I ended up on the outskirts of town in front of the Mens Detention Center. Not gonna lie, I panicked and left. Only to find out, the shelter was on the other side of the jail on a dirt road.

Discovered the Their website states: Pursuing deep thinking and moral imagination, social courage and joy, to renew inner life, outer life, and life together. Its full of podcasts, interviews, art & poetry, and articles on how to live a better life.

October Recap-Week 4

Hurricane Zeta came to say hello in Playa. Technically, it was weaker than the last one, but hit stronger and the damage was worse.

Sam enjoying (I think) the next day winds.

Sandy Toes 2.0 progress. I could only take one step inside there was so much stuff around, but I can see an actual new room being built.

Perfecting my chilaquiles, gringa style with no chile.

Current read: The Heart’s Invisible Furies. So far, so great! It’s a vivid depiction of Catholic Ireland spanning decades through a string of relationships that stem from one man dealing with his homosexuality .

Put down your Xanax people. I just read an article about how Cow Cuddling is the newest wellness trend.

Flowers make all the difference.

Signed up to walk some shelter dogs once a week.

October Recap-Week 3

Morning beach walks.

Current read: A Long Way Gone

Dinner at Romeo, an Italian restaurant with well-deserved great reviews. We will be back for sure.

Joined the organization Mar Amor to help keep the beaches clean.

Upping my color booking game.

My latest horror film find: Suspiria (the remake). I watched it because I knew the cinematography would be good, but I had no idea I was entering bizarro scary world.

Bathroom tiles bought for the Sandy Toes 2.0. The first one is a 3D tile and will be white, not salmon. The “star” tile will be in the half bath downstairs.

Images below are the kitchen design. All light wood cabinets with white quartz countertop. At least that’s what I have planned for now.

October Recap-Week 2

We went to a post-hurricane and current-covid wedding in Cancun. Yes, it really happened. The poor couple had already postponed once and now it was Go Time. (While most of Cancun is still without electricity, the big beach hotels have their own generators.)

Sam wasn’t invited to this wedding, so she stayed at a doggie hotel.

Grass time equals party time, and Sam is leading the way!

Latest Youtube find that scares the s*** out of me are the videos of scary doorbell cam footage. These are SO creepy!

The room additions to Sandy Toes 2.0 have begun with the hope that this first phase is completed by the end of November. I also had iron put on the windows and doors.

Locals here call September/October/November, “Septhambre/ Octhambre/Novhambre”. Hambre=hunger in Spanish. These months have the lowest tourism due to the rainy weather, not to mention it’s the hurricane season. Regardless, there’s still this….even more clear, clean, and beautiful after the hurricane.

The latest “show” at the stoplight near Sandy Toes.

Binge watched Emily in Paris. It’s kind of a modern Sex in the City meets Mary Tyler Moore with a lot of cuteness.

October Recap-Week 1

Survived my first hurricane. A few sketchy moments with my windows, but not too bad. The day after…

Scary movie month is here! I’ve expanded to Youtube now. Mr. Ballen is storyteller of dark and mysterious TRUE tales. The scariest story I’ve heard from him so far is of a 17 y/o boy who is staying at his family’s cabin all alone, and then the terror starts. It’s probably the scariest story I’ve ever heard. It actually gave me tingles and a few tears listening to it. This guy is a great storyteller and I find myself listening to him for hours at a time.

Puerco tacos for lunch with freshly made tortillas and Oaxaca cheese.

Getting my fruits and veggies from a vendor outside my complex.