My Tulum Advice

Tulum in a nutshell is this: A small, but rapidly growing pueblo with a super hip, boho chic, eco conscious, beautiful beach strip. The thing to keep in mind when visiting Tulum is the pueblo is not within walking distance to the beach. The total beach stretch of Tulum is approximately 9 km and thisContinue reading “My Tulum Advice”

Private Spanish Class Progress

Spanish native: your friend told me you’re fluent in Spanish!  me thinking:  don’t do it spanish native: starts speaking extra fast Spanish slang, only learned on the actual streets of Mexico me: oh my god I’m almost through with my 60 hours of private Spanish lessons. It is well worth the money. Here is why: I’ve done theContinue reading “Private Spanish Class Progress”

DAC Market in Playa

After reading many online reviews and recommendations, I finally made it to Dac. It’s a small market in Playa Del Carmen centro and it seems to always be busy when I pass by. For whatever reason, it was less crowded today so I ventured in. I could feel the appeal immediately. It’s small, clean, andContinue reading “DAC Market in Playa”

The Crash and Burn of My Patio Decor Hopes

When I got the keys to Sandy Toes, I had big plans for my patio. Specifically, a tiny zen space. Something like this: And then this happened: Living in Playa, there are certain realities: Dryers are not that common. There was the possibility of a stackable, but then they were few and far between toContinue reading “The Crash and Burn of My Patio Decor Hopes”

Day Trip to Valladolid and Chichen Itza

Sr. Elizondo and I woke up early to begin our road trip to Valladolid. We took the new autopista 305 which goes from PDC to Valladolid and beyond. It’s a bit pricey, but the roads were perfection. Even better than driving on a brand new road is that it cuts the drive by about 30-45Continue reading “Day Trip to Valladolid and Chichen Itza”

Sandy Toes Jan 2019 Updates

Here’s my Sandy Toes decor status as of January 2019. I did some decor rearrange and here is my “entryway”.  I need to have somewhere to put my purse/keys etc. when walking through the door. I’m this chair/table combo out for now.  If not, I’m thinking a white coat rack… Feb priority: hooks for underContinue reading “Sandy Toes Jan 2019 Updates”

Not a Bad Monday

Walking to my morning Spanish class, I took pictures of the awesome street art I passed. My Spanish classes are given at different cafes around Quinta Avenida. Today we went to Marley Cafe. (Yes, it is owned by one of Bob Marley’s sons.) After class, I headed to a Inti Beach Club to do myContinue reading “Not a Bad Monday”

Goals and Chocolate

I can’t think of a better place to work on my New Years goal of learning Spanish than at a cafe specializing in chocolate. Ah Cacao is on 5th Ave in PDC and the hot chocolate is delish. And if hot chocolate’s not your thing, how about some chocolate shampoo or body oil… Something toContinue reading “Goals and Chocolate”

She’s Definitely a City Dog

My Sandy Toes neighborhood has a jungle park in the center of it. It includes a playground, basketball courts and best of all, a trail that winds around inside the park for walking.   Sam, like all dogs is super happy about having walks. However, when we crossed the street to the trail, she pumpedContinue reading “She’s Definitely a City Dog”