Thanksgiving Tablescape Dreaming

Is it wrong to want to have Thanksgiving at my house simply because I want to set up a beautiful table? Do you have a favorite? I’m thinking the black/white/gold motif is my favorite. Fall colors… Black, white, and gold… Dark and moody… Farmhouse… Or maybe just simple sophistication.

Increase the Cozy

Sr. Elizondo and I went to his daughters new home this past weekend. It was early evening and as soon as I stepped into her home, I was transported to cozyville. I told her how relaxing her home is and she told me everybody says that when they visit her. During the visit, I triedContinue reading “Increase the Cozy”

The Family Room Makeover

I’ve been in the process of switching out the bottom floor of our home to a more updated look. It’s one large space that includes a tv/dining/kitchenette/bathroom. I recently posted the new and improved dining area. Now for the “tv zone”. It’s a long, but not wide space. Here is the before pic. The LContinue reading “The Family Room Makeover”

My Small Dining Nook Makeover

One of my big frustrations is having a dining table for 6 when the family is currently 7 and growing. There is always an odd man out at get togethers/holidays. So I said farewell to my dining table (which I loved) and passed it along to Sr. Elizondo’s newly married daughter. Here’s the before pic.Continue reading “My Small Dining Nook Makeover”

My Latest Balcony Visitor

For those of you that don’t know, I put up hummingbird feeders on my balcony and now have a constant steady stream of the hummingbirds coming to visit. I’ve had a new visitor the past few days. A little birdy is coming to visit, but I’m not sure it’s for breadcrumbs. You see, he’s eitherContinue reading “My Latest Balcony Visitor”

Covet Corner-August 2019

A Cheese Cloche from Crate and Barrel. A crown for the deserving from Crowns for the People.     This open air enclosure for an edible garden. One Special Summer, written and illustrated by Jackie Kennedy (22 y/o)and her sister Lee (18 y/o). It was a thank you gift to their parents for letting themContinue reading “Covet Corner-August 2019”

Low Waste Living Baby Steps

Trying to do my small part in the world, I’m adopting low waste living. It may be at a very slow pace, but I’m doing it. Luckily, Sr. Elizondo is a natural “low waster” so he’s easy to agree with my vision.¬†We’ve already been working on not wasting food and we rarely eat packaged orContinue reading “Low Waste Living Baby Steps”

The Baby Hummingbirds Have Joined the World

Apparently, when you start seeing baby hummingbirds standing on their nest instead of in it, they are getting ready to fly away. My last post showed one of them standing on the nest. A day later, she was gone. Then there was one. I wonder if she is scared all alone now? She’s definitely moreContinue reading “The Baby Hummingbirds Have Joined the World”

Ladybird’s Twins are Growing Up

The twins are finally looking like little birds you might see flying. One of them has the beginnings of iridescent green feathers just like the mom. They’re also busting out of their nest and lifting their heads up high to take a peek at the world. Occasionally, we saw Ladybird flying and chirping all aroundContinue reading “Ladybird’s Twins are Growing Up”