March Weekly Recap-3

Still loving this centerpiece ensemble, but might be time to change it up for Spring.

Electric blue toenails

A quick road trip from the land of Tecate to Texas and back. The stop for my favorite calabasas empanadas on the way is basically mandatory.

With the sun and heat arriving, my lavender plant is starting to bloom again.

I found out you cannot always substitute Stevia for sugar. My banana blueberry bread fail.

A natural, filter free, rosy glow sky in Mty.

March Weekly Recap

I’ve added L-Glutamine to my vitamin regime. It’s great for digestion. I noticed a difference day 1. Sluggy tummy no more!

I’ve been in a vintage-y decor mood recently. While garage sales are few and far between, Sr. Elizondo and I passed by one and a candelabra caught my eye. We left with a set of candelabras and a large peacock painting.

I finished the book Wise Blood. The story of a young man who is grappling with his faith in God and inadvertently becomes a preacher of a God-less religion. He meets a man with ‘wise blood” and other characters that symbolically represent his struggles.

Another wedding, another dress needed. I bought this one from NordyRack and it’s perfect for Cancun.

The best of the best, unexpected roses from Sr. Elizondo. My favorite is to break them up into multiple mini bouquets for around the house.

Recent Decor Hacks

Pillow cover without a pillow. I rolled towels and put them in the pillow cover. It’s not perfect, but it works for now.

Window Valance. I have no sewing skills and couldn’t find a valance that I liked. I did find a kitchen towel at Crate & Barrel that I thought would work. No sewing was necessary. I just draped the towel over the rod. I might velcro the insides together, but maybe not.

An empty corner. I took the homemade bench we made for the end of the bed and stood it upright adding books and plants, etc.

And a couple of more common hacks: the throw over the chair is actually a blanket scarf and the plant on the table is in a spaghetti jar.

Less Common Valentine Gifts

Instead of flowers, give this succulent from The Sill. I think it’s adorable.

I know it’s a book, but it gets great reviews and who doesn’t want to unlock their erotic intelligence…

Coming Soon Golden Fortune Cookie. Put your personalized love message inside.

Pink Ray Ban Sunglasses. I might gift these to myself.

This candle from Goop because I can’t believe it’s a real thing….but it is.

Latest Low Waste Hack

Now that Mexico has implemented no more plastic bags, our stash we have been using for the bathroom trash is rapidly dwindling. A quick look on the internet and problem solved. You can use newspaper.

You simply fold the newspaper into a cone and wah-lah.

Works like a charm.

Kitchen Update-Paint ReDo

I envisioned a pale gray kitchen with my white/gray/black granite. I ended up with baby blue that I didn’t like at all.

Fast forward 2 years or so until yesterday when I finally got off my toosh and repainted them off white….Swiss Coffee by Behr to be exact.

Just in time for Christmas.

My Minimal Holiday Decor

Homes with lights galore and oversized Santa’s in the front yard are awesome. Homes with garlands and ornaments hanging from staircases are beautiful. And homes with kitsch holiday display towels in kitchens and bathrooms make me super happy. However, I’m not one of these people.

I’m not a scrooge, but I can only handle so much holiday decor in my house for so long before I get an OCD flare up. I minimally decorate a few key zones and I’m good to go.

A wreath on the front gate of course.

Another wreath and small vignette outside the front door. These shiny wreaths are my favorite.

The entry way. I found this simple tin tree at Walmart and I think it’s kind of perfect.

Some tartan flower napkin holders as decor.

My dining table centerpieces. This first pic is my normal centerpiece. What makes it holiday is the items I choose to feel the teak bowl with. This season it’s pomegranates and pomanders.

Here’s the downstairs table centerpiece. I wanted this to be bigger with 3 berry wreaths and more reindeer, but money constraints prevented it. It will be next year purchases for sure.

Another recent purchase is this reindeer. I’m still working out where his best location in the house will be.

And yet another, smaller, shiny wreath along with a light up JOY sign on the bar…very appropriate.

A poinsettia or two strategically placed at the front door and inside the house. (Any comments about the plant in the head? I can’t decide if I like it or not…)

Last, but not least, a tree. This year it’s lights only and I love the way it looks.

Most Mexicans leave their Christmas decor/lights up through January 6th, Dia de Reyes (Day of the Kings). I might live in Mexico, but I’m still a “It all comes down the day after Christmas” type of gal.

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