A Few Jokes For Your Weekend

Sr. Elizondo loves jokes. He receives and sends them on a daily basis to family and friends. Here’s a few  I received this week form him that made me giggle.

“We don’t eat lactose, eggs, cane, or gluten. What do you recommend? A taxi.”


Father, with all the changes in the (Catholic) church, will we see priests marry? Not us, but our sons will”.


“Clear proof of global warming!”

Have a great weekend!

My Heart is Melting Over These Dolls

An ad popped up on my Instagram for Cuddle & Kind.  Their dolls captured my heart instantly. I am not into cutesy things or decor. And I don’t really have any little person to buy this for at the moment, but I’m thinking I might buy one anyway. They are just too adorable.

Not to mention Cuddle & Kind is a free trade company that also gives 10 free meals to children in need with every doll sold. Everybody wins buying one of these dolls.




The Word Orale

“Orale” has always confused me. Now I know why.

What Would Happen Video

I miss reading one of my favorite blogs, A Bloomsbury Life. Sadly, there have been no posts for over a year, but I still live in hope. Lisa Borgnes Giamonti made some awesome videos. Here’s one below. Take a moment and enjoy.

My Dog’s Lack of Courage

I hear the random bark. It’s the bark Sam does when she wants something. (A dog-mom knows.) I dismiss her and I continue texting. The random barks continue and I wonder if she’s hungry again. No, she’s not at her food bowl. I begin searching for her, not finding her anywhere. I go downstairs to our garden and then the patio. I finally find her in a corner plant too scared to jump out!

You can also see my lack of a green thumb!