March Recap

Sun & heat     arrived

Decisions    made

Spanish class    continues

Weekends      family, art fair, restaurants

First flowers in    the garden

Home       remodel on track

Sams birthday    sweetness

Book    stumped

New beginning    state of mind

Bullet Journaling

I just found out about Bullet Journals and now that I know about it, I see it everywhere! This is a great idea for “list” people.

It´s basically an all in one agenda book. You hand make your journal which includes everything and anything you want or need: day/month planning; goals; inspirations; notes; dates, reminders, etc. The idea is that you make your planner in a format that works for you in a bulleted simple statement kinda way. I realized I partially do this already using the “Notes” section in the back of my calendar book, but not as thought out. I think Bullet Journaling is on to something.

Here’s a few of examples below. Let your creativity flow!

Scented Candle Recommendation

DW Candles smell great and their scent actually fills the room. I originally found this candle at TJ Maxx, but you can purchase them online at I´m loving the Fresh Cut Gardenia scent.