Bullet Journaling


I just found out about Bullet Journals and now that I know about it, I see it everywhere! This is a great idea for “list” people.

It´s basically an all in one agenda book. You hand make your journal which includes everything and anything you want or need: day/month planning; goals; inspirations; notes; dates, reminders, etc. The idea is that you make your planner in a format that works for you in a bulleted simple statement kinda way. I realized I partially do this already using the “Notes” section in the back of my calendar book, but not as thought out. I think Bullet Journaling is on to something.

Here’s a few of examples below. Let your creativity flow!

Meteor Shower-Bucket List Check

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The 2016 Perseids meteor showers are happening now. They peaked last night and I made it a point to stay up late to see it. It was worth it as I have never seen a shooting star before. I´m proud to say that I have now seen three! These showers are still going on through Aug 24th. Take a look tonight and check it off your bucket list too. I do recommend a lawn chair or blanket….save your neck!