Product Recommendations That Smell Great

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Time for another post of product recommendations I can give.

Scentsy. These room fresheners smell divine and the scent fills large rooms. (The knock off wax blocks I’ve found at the grocery store are not as good.)


Marc Anthony Argan Oil for hair. This stuff is ok for hair, but I love to use it as a body spray. This product smells sooo good and has a very slight shimmer to it that’s really pretty on skin.


H&M┬ácandle that smells great and fills the room. I also bought Original Citrus, but it’s not as strong a scent.



Shopping for Sandy Toes

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I’m stuck on the couch for a few days so there’s no better time for some online shopping. I have Sandy Toes on my mind.

Here’s what I’ve bought so far:

Some pillows from Ikea and World Market…

Pot rack from World Market…

End table also from Ikea, but I’ll be using it in the living room…


I’m still on the hunt for:

  1. A very small dining set
  2. Bedroom lamps
  3. Wall decor

Target time tomorrow.



Unexpected Decor



Books as a plant stand. Love this, especially the color it brings into the room. I’m definitely going to do this.

A whimsical bird painted on the wall.

The shelf brace used to hang a pendant light.

Layered tables.

Treat the kitchen like any other room with art and mirrors. I use a mirror above a smaller kitchen we have downstairs. It definitely brightens it up.

Fur rug on the coffee table. (The yarn in the glass container by the fireplace is pretty cute too.)







Stovetop Potpourri is Kind of Stupid


I made a potpourri for the stove yesterday. You know the kind where you put different things in a pot of boiling water and it’s supposed to fill the room with aromatic wonders.

I chose lemon, rosemary, and vanilla mainly because I had them all in the house.

After about an hour, I could only smell it in the kitchen. And guess what? It wasn’t that great of a smell either.

My opinion on stovetop potpourri’s: Why bother? Just buy a candle or light an incense stick.