My Best Cheap Kitchen Buy Ever

Have you ever bought a random, cheap item only to have it become your favorite. Check out mine.

I bought this small spatula probably 30 years ago from a co-worker who was selling kitchen items from a catalog. I think it cost around $6.00. I remember this as I was fresh out of high school, still lived at home, could not have cared less about kitchen utensils, and bought the cheapest item she was selling.

It’s been irreplaceable! So much so that I have superglued the handle back on twice. Longer handles are way overrated. There is much more control with the shorter handle. This small guy is all you need in a spatula, and it’s the only one Sr. Elizondo and I use. If I could remember the company (if it even still exists), I would give them a huge shout out right now.

Help Me Choose a Sofa

Our tv zone needs a complete revamp and I’m hoping to have this area done by next weekend. Only the entertainment center and dog stay. I’m starting with the sofa and will make my additional decor decisions from there.

I have these 3 in mind.

  • A streamlined, slightly oversized and extra deep, black material sofa. It would be perfect for hiding stains and hanging out watching movies. It’s not so great for sitting and having formal conversations.
  • A velvet emerald green L shape sofa. Dramatic with a more formal feeling. My fear with this sofa is how well velvet wears after usage. Weird patterns in the material would bother me.¬†
  • The third is a modern (slimmer than the other two) taupe sofa. This is the safe choice and would fit nicely in this space without feeling too big. Kind of boring compared to the other two, but more classic.

What do you think?

What Kitchen Items Do You Use Daily?

Sr. Elizondo’s daughter is getting ready to set up her own home. It got me to thinking about what she would need for a functioning kitchen right off the bat. So, what are the top items we use in our kitchen on a weekly basis?

  • Hot Water electric kettle
  • Small and big frying pan
  • Small, med, big pot
  • Wrought iron comal (an absolute in every Mexican kitchen I think. I never had one before living here.)
  • Casserole dish
  • blender
  • mixer
  • Cutting board
  • Mixing bowls
  • Tupperware
  • 3 knives: one big smooth edge; one big serrated edge; one small
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Wooden spoons
  • Tongs
  • Ladel solid and with holes
  • Spatula
  • Can opener
  • Cookie sheet

What things do we have that we never/rarely use?

The other 10-15 pots and pans, the other 2 sets of mixing bowls, the drawers full of spoons, spatulas, novelty items, the indoor grill, the wine decanter, the miscellaneous left over dishes from days gone by, the traveling picnic set, the tiny muffin pan, etc, etc, etc.

Is this similar to your daily kitchen necessities?


Product Recommendations That Smell Great

Time for another post of product recommendations I can give.

Scentsy. These room fresheners smell divine and the scent fills large rooms. (The knock off wax blocks I’ve found at the grocery store are not as good.)


Marc Anthony Argan Oil for hair. This stuff is ok for hair, but I love to use it as a body spray. This product smells sooo good and has a very slight shimmer to it that’s really pretty on skin.


H&M¬†candle that smells great and fills the room. I also bought Original Citrus, but it’s not as strong a scent.



Shopping for Sandy Toes

I’m stuck on the couch for a few days so there’s no better time for some online shopping. I have Sandy Toes on my mind.

Here’s what I’ve bought so far:

Some pillows from Ikea and World Market…

Pot rack from World Market…

End table also from Ikea, but I’ll be using it in the living room…


I’m still on the hunt for:

  1. A very small dining set
  2. Bedroom lamps
  3. Wall decor

Target time tomorrow.



Unexpected Decor


Books as a plant stand. Love this, especially the color it brings into the room. I’m definitely going to do this.

A whimsical bird painted on the wall.

The shelf brace used to hang a pendant light.

Layered tables.

Treat the kitchen like any other room with art and mirrors. I use a mirror above a smaller kitchen we have downstairs. It definitely brightens it up.

Fur rug on the coffee table. (The yarn in the glass container by the fireplace is pretty cute too.)







Stovetop Potpourri is Kind of Stupid

I made a potpourri for the stove yesterday. You know the kind where you put different things in a pot of boiling water and it’s supposed to fill the room with aromatic wonders.

I chose lemon, rosemary, and vanilla mainly because I had them all in the house.

After about an hour, I could only smell it in the kitchen. And guess what? It wasn’t that great of a smell either.

My opinion on stovetop potpourri’s: Why bother? Just buy a candle or light an incense stick.