Scented Candle Recommendation

DW Candles smell great and their scent actually fills the room. I originally found this candle at TJ Maxx, but you can purchase them online at I´m loving the Fresh Cut Gardenia scent.


Layered Rugs- A Perfect Foundation

Layered rugs are trending now and the look helps give a room a finished look. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, its functional for:

  • A rug too small for an area
  • Making a larger rug area
  • High traffic areas
  • Adding texture to a room
  • Adding color

Below are some popular rug combinations.

Jute rug + faux hide (or fur)

Two flat weave rugs

Plush solid (or large pattern) rug + Moroccan rug (or Turkish kilim)

2017 Decor Trends in Action


Funky lighting (the technical term I’m sure) + velvet couch + mirrored table


Velvet couch + marble table + plant motif + metal accent


Jewel tones + Velvet couch  + faux fur + metal light & accents


Funky lighting + velvet couch + metal accents + geometric shapes




Countdown to Remodel Begins

I live in a modern three story home. The bottom floor is currently being used as a studio apt for my couple’s son. He is moving next week and we will be remodeling the entire floor to be one open space for entertaining and hanging out. So first things first. We will be clearing out the floor and taking out a wall next weekend. (Pics to come) Then the fun will begin! Here are some rooms I’ve been eyeing.

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Latest Decor on the cheap

I”m loving my two latest home decor buys. I”ve been on the hunt for a sofa throw, but couldn”t find the right color or price. Then I was in H&M, saw this scarf and thought maybe. I brought it home and it”s perfect. And it was only $12.00. Boo-Ya!

The second item was in the kitchen department of a department store on clearance. It”s a small organic shaped teak board (for cheeses I assume). However, I decided to use it in the bathroom. I love the way it looks. Oh, and it was $8.00!

Bar Cart Contemplation

I live in a three story home, four if you count the garden level, and five if you count the roof patio. This means a lot of stairs. On the third floor is where we are currently spending most of our time (though this will be changing soon I suspect).  It’s a small tv room that we will begin redecorating this weekend. What  I know for sure is I want a bar cart in it. No more up and down stairs for a glass of wine or handful of almonds. Luckily, there are lots of options out there. Here are a few I like.

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