March Weekly Recap-4

The Coronavirus obsession/paranoia sets in.

The week was full of last minute doctor appointments, medications bought, grocery store stock up (but not hoarding!), dog groomed and car filled with gas.

Thinking now it’s time for an at home wellness retreat to try to keep a balance.

The small upstairs tv room is now a yoga space.

Hoping the rental price of Emma comes down soon. I can’t wait to see it, but I’m not willing to pay $20.

Covet Corner-March 2020

A vintage or vintage looking tea strainer

Alanis Morisette 25th Anniversary Tour tickets

Togo sofa or any “bubble” looking sofa that sits on the ground.

Leaf hairpins from Bijoux by Allison

FOOD 52 bamboo compost bin for the countertop.

Dress from Our Second Nature

March Weekly Recap 2

My winter wardrobe has been put into bins and my summer clothes are now in full view.

If you like facial oils, Bio Oil is a must try. It’s become my daily morning go-to.

Fell in love with the movie, “20th Century Women”. It’s currently on Netflix and I’ve watched it twice this week.

Lauderée The Eugenie is my new favorite tea. A black tea with berry notes just right for these warmer days.

Years of Spanish classes and I’m struggling with Duolingo Level 6 of 25. WTF….

March Weekly Recap

I’ve added L-Glutamine to my vitamin regime. It’s great for digestion. I noticed a difference day 1. Sluggy tummy no more!

I’ve been in a vintage-y decor mood recently. While garage sales are few and far between, Sr. Elizondo and I passed by one and a candelabra caught my eye. We left with a set of candelabras and a large peacock painting.

I finished the book Wise Blood. The story of a young man who is grappling with his faith in God and inadvertently becomes a preacher of a God-less religion. He meets a man with ‘wise blood” and other characters that symbolically represent his struggles.

Another wedding, another dress needed. I bought this one from NordyRack and it’s perfect for Cancun.

The best of the best, unexpected roses from Sr. Elizondo. My favorite is to break them up into multiple mini bouquets for around the house.

Current Read-Older but Better but Older

I loved “How to be Parisian”, but their new book, “Older, but Better, but Older” wasn’t as appealing.

Maybe it’s because I am older and I’m already aware of a lot of what is in the book, but I was really bored reading this. To be honest, I skipped through a few pages. (I think I was hoping for more tips to aging gracefully.) I will say I did find myself giggling in some parts and a lot of it is spot on to getting older.

Less Common Valentine Gifts

Instead of flowers, give this succulent from The Sill. I think it’s adorable.

I know it’s a book, but it gets great reviews and who doesn’t want to unlock their erotic intelligence…

Coming Soon Golden Fortune Cookie. Put your personalized love message inside.

Pink Ray Ban Sunglasses. I might gift these to myself.

This candle from Goop because I can’t believe it’s a real thing….but it is.

Current Read-My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward

I lied before. I thought I had already read my last book of the year, but then I picked this one up and read it in 3 days.

This book is a memoir of a young married couple in the Bay Area. The husband/author takes you on their journey of meeting in college, getting married, to then dealing with the unexpected onset of mental illness.

This memoir reeks of honesty as he muddles his way through how to deal with his wife’s mental breakdown and how they re-piece their relationship back together.

It’s an easily identifiable book for anybody that has taken care of a loved one through illness.

Current Read-Bonjour Tristesse

This French book was an overnight success when written and is still an iconic book. The writer was only 18 years old when she wrote it.

Seventeen year old Cecile is staying with her handsome bachelor father in the French Riviera for the summer. She is used to seeing her father with many women, but then he decides to get married. Cecile begins to have conflicting emotions and the devious planning begins as well.

A small book and fast read.

Day of the Virgin de Guadalupe

December 12th is the Day of the Virgin de Guadalupe. Catholics from all over will make a pilgrimage to the site where she appeared on this day in Mexico City.

I was fortunate to visit this place during this time a few years back. To see the devout trekking through the streets, and on their knees “walking” towards the shrine is a site to be seen.