Current Read-Factotum

My last read of the year.

I haven’t read Bukowski since my 20’s. I wasn’t sure if he would still appeal to me. It turns out I will forever love him. Simple sentences perfectly written of his gritty, drunken, day to day life. Genius!

Current Read-Bonjour Tristesse

This French book was an overnight success when written and is still an iconic book. The writer was only 18 years old when she wrote it.

Seventeen year old Cecile is staying with her handsome bachelor father in the French Riviera for the summer. She is used to seeing her father with many women, but then he decides to get married. Cecile begins to have conflicting emotions and the devious planning begins as well.

A small book and fast read.

Day of the Virgin de Guadalupe

December 12th is the Day of the Virgin de Guadalupe. Catholics from all over will make a pilgrimage to the site where she appeared on this day in Mexico City.

I was fortunate to visit this place during this time a few years back. To see the devout trekking through the streets, and on their knees “walking” towards the shrine is a site to be seen.

An Ideal Birthday for Me

My birthday rundown:

It started off with lots of flowers from Sr. Elizondo…

Hair color correction on my front yellow streak (finally)…

It’s looking a little blonde in this pic, but trust….it’s total silver now.

As a present to myself: a pair of comfy, slouchy jeans, and black studded loafers both from Zara.

And then dinner at Gallo 71. My filet was perfectly cooked and delicious. The restaurant had some interesting decor…

The last gift I received was a chilly night that actually required a blanket for sleeping!

My Minimal Holiday Decor

Homes with lights galore and oversized Santa’s in the front yard are awesome. Homes with garlands and ornaments hanging from staircases are beautiful. And homes with kitsch holiday display towels in kitchens and bathrooms make me super happy. However, I’m not one of these people.

I’m not a scrooge, but I can only handle so much holiday decor in my house for so long before I get an OCD flare up. I minimally decorate a few key zones and I’m good to go.

A wreath on the front gate of course.

Another wreath and small vignette outside the front door. These shiny wreaths are my favorite.

The entry way. I found this simple tin tree at Walmart and I think it’s kind of perfect.

Some tartan flower napkin holders as decor.

My dining table centerpieces. This first pic is my normal centerpiece. What makes it holiday is the items I choose to feel the teak bowl with. This season it’s pomegranates and pomanders.

Here’s the downstairs table centerpiece. I wanted this to be bigger with 3 berry wreaths and more reindeer, but money constraints prevented it. It will be next year purchases for sure.

Another recent purchase is this reindeer. I’m still working out where his best location in the house will be.

And yet another, smaller, shiny wreath along with a light up JOY sign on the bar…very appropriate.

A poinsettia or two strategically placed at the front door and inside the house. (Any comments about the plant in the head? I can’t decide if I like it or not…)

Last, but not least, a tree. This year it’s lights only and I love the way it looks.

Most Mexicans leave their Christmas decor/lights up through January 6th, Dia de Reyes (Day of the Kings). I might live in Mexico, but I’m still a “It all comes down the day after Christmas” type of gal.

The Making of Churros in Mexico

While on the hunt for a Christmas tree, we stopped off at Churros Toño. The vendor was making his first batch of the day and I was all too happy to watch the process. Churros are the best!

Based on what I saw, he started off with boiling water in a big steel pan and then added flour, vanilla, and some more water. It was time to mix. This was not an easy task. I know because he let me try to do it. A lot of arm strength is required.

When the batter no longer sticks to your fingers, it’s ready to fry. It’s a strange contraption they put the batter into to push out the long tube shape into the oil.

Next, you let the churro fry until it turns a golden brown.

Cut into pieces and drag through sugar. Happiness in a bag!

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