Why I Love Foreign Films

I’ve always watched foreign films. However, living in Mexico there are many channels of  French, Spanish, or Portuguese films (with Spanish subtitles of course). Depending on how fast paced the movie, I can keep up 50-75%. It’s always a perk if I can get the subtitles in English (obviously).  I still enjoy watching them and hereContinue reading “Why I Love Foreign Films”

Could Not Put This Book Down

309 pages in 48hrs. I bought this book in honor of October and Halloween. I wanted to read something scary. The book implies scary, but it’s really a mystery/thriller. Regardless, I literally had a hard time putting the book down. It reads like a movie (which according to the back of the book is inContinue reading “Could Not Put This Book Down”

California Central Coast

I’m getting ready to say good-bye to California and return to Monterrey Mexico. I was able to spend some time on the central coast: Cambria, Pismo, Morro Bay, and drove Highway 1 through Big Sur. For many who have never been to California, I’m sure images of Los Angeles and San Diego beaches are flashing through your mind. However, the central coastContinue reading “California Central Coast”

Meteor Shower-Bucket List Check

The 2016 Perseids meteor showers are happening now. They peaked last night and I made it a point to stay up late to see it. It was worth it as I have never seen a shooting star before. I´m proud to say that I have now seen three! These showers are still going on throughContinue reading “Meteor Shower-Bucket List Check”

Fascinated by French Women?

I am and I have a book shelf to prove it. Here are my favorite books about French women and their je ne sais quoi. Parisian Chic by Ines de le Fressange. A Paris restaurant, shop, and hotel directory, along with style tips. French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mirielle Guiliano which has now become aContinue reading “Fascinated by French Women?”