Already Received a Curve Ball for 2018


I was thinking about the New Year. Instead of doing resolutions, I decided to do monthly goals. You know, the usual tangible things I think I can accomplish in a month. While writing the post, my cell phone goes off. My dad who has been sick with cancer for almost a year has been scheduled to have radiation for 5 weeks beginning January. Neither my sister nor myself live in my father’s city. So the scheduling begins who will take which weeks and stay with him.

So now my January goal has been laid out before me. No decisions necessary. January will be a month of giving of myself, of personal strength, of unconditional love to someone who needs it more than ever.

Current Read- H is for Hawk


H is for Hawk is a beautifully written book about a falconer who loses her father and buys a Goshawk to train. All through the book she references another book about a man who is ill equipped at training his Goshawk while trying to work out his life struggles. This is an interesting, touching, and intensively descriptive book of surroundings and the English countryside. Some book are better read aloud and this is one of them.

Scary Movie Picks

Culture, Miscellaneous

How about watching some scary movies for Halloween. Below are a few decent, lesser known creepy movies you might not have heard of.


Hush. Solitary house, deaf woman, psychotic stranger. Need I say more.

The Invitation. A dinner party invitation from an ex. Just say no!

Babadook. A child and a creepy book character had me jumping in my chair.

Starry Eyes. An OCD wannabe actress who makes a deal with a perverted evil producer.

Contracted. A 20 something has a one night stand and gets way more than an STD.

Raw. A vegetarian college student tries meat for the first time and then needs more…and more…and more. (French film)