Scary Movie Month is Here


I love scary movies and I make it a point to watch a lot of them in October, always at night for the full effect. The downside of scary movie month is that there are a lot of bad ones out there. Here are some decent ones that I’ve seen recently.


This is a Spanish movie loosely based on a true story. Girls summoning spirits with Ouija boards…never a good idea.


The Visit

Sending your kids off to visit their grandparents. They’ll be safe…maybe.


Eden Lake

A young couple spending time at a lake and a group of troublemaking boys on bikes. Not a good combo.


The Nightmare

This is a documentary of people who have sleep paralysis and see the shadow man. I can vouch for these people. I’ve seen him too…honest.



A zombie movie done right. I was impressed with this one.

Survival Post from Garance Doré



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Warning: This post deals with sexual assault for those who are triggered by such subject matter.
_____________I am told to calm down.I am told they won’t talk to me until I calm down.I am asked why am I yelling.I am asked why am I so upset.

I am told my anger is why I am not taken seriously.

I am a survivor of sexual assault.

I have been sexually assaulted throughout my life by strangers and acquaintances alike.

In crowded bars, broad daylight, and dark corners.

By men like Donald Trump who have seen my body as up for grabs.

By men like Brock Turner whose life I dare not ruin after they’ve decimated mine.

By men like Brett Kavanaugh who wake up sober, with no recollection and thus no blame.

When will their gender and race no longer protect them?

When will my life hold the same value as theirs?

When will we stop exalting them?

I have filed police reports and internalized the shame.

I cross the street to walk in the light, I ask girlfriends to text me when they get home.

I am fucking angry because we didn’t ask for any of this.

I am fucking yelling because I still don’t feel heard.

I am yelling because Dr. Christine Blasey Ford isn’t allowed to.

She must be perceived as a “nice lady,” as Senator Lindsey Graham described her.

But, Brett Kavanaugh is allowed to yell.

He’s allowed to interrupt.

He’s allowed to be mad.

And soon he will be allowed to govern my body.

Their feet on our necks will press down harder.

I will not apologize for my anger because I am gulping for air.

I will not apologize for my voice that is making you uncomfortable because I am the one who has the right to be angry.

Instead I ask you, where is your anger? Tucked away behind your privilege?

Current Read-The Spy


Between and during flights, I slammed out a new Paulo Coelho book, “The Spy”.

I went through a Paulo Coelho phase in my twenties and read quite a few of his books. At the time, I couldn’t get enough. I forgot how easy his books are to read. This one is about the life of Mata Hari and is full of Coehlo’s life lessons blended in.

This book made me want to know more about this woman and her life. She’s an interesting woman for sure.

Current Read-Smoke Gets in Your Eyes



This book is all about the subject matter: death and funeral homes. “What’s behind the curtain” type of book. It’s an interesting and insightful book written by a 23 year old with a sense of humor. Her mission for us not to hide from death is thought provoking.

If you’re curious (and not squeamish) about what happens to bodies once they go the funeral home, this book is for you.