Current Read- My Twenty Five Years in Provence



Peter Mayle’s look back at his life in Provence and the affection he had for his chosen homeland. As always, his writing is full of charm as he brings you into the rhythms of Provence living.

This nostalgic book being his last before he died seems a fitting goodbye. Nobody did it better. RIP.


“A Year in Provence” is my favorite Mayle book, and probably one of my favorite books in general. He and his wife decide to move to France and he details the beauty of Provence, the struggles of being an expat, and the characters of the village all with love and humor.

The Canícula has Arrived

Culture, Sunday Sol

The hottest days have arrived in Monterrey. This time of year is referred to as the canícula. It lasts from June 14th through August 24th with  consistent temperatures in the 90’s-100’s, not to mention the humidity.

Born and raised in California, I’m familiar with the hot dry summers of the Central Valley or some light humidity in Southern California. What I’m not used to is high temps AND what feels to me to be high humidity (though this is disputed by others!). This is the time of year if I am not in an air conditioned room, I am completely melting. While others look fine, I look like I’m going to dehydrate and pass out at any moment.

So the countdown to cooler temps begins…40 days to go! Thank goodness I have beach days in my near future.

Current Read- 10% Happier


After Dan Harris (the tv news guy) has a panic attack/meltdown while on live news, he seeks a change to get control of his life. He finds it in meditation.

I liked this book for two reasons. It was interesting to hear the behind the scenes of interviews with current self help gurus. We all see their professional images, but it’s nice to have a sneak peek into the real people. Second, he makes meditation completely accessible without all the hype that usually surrounds it. Hence, the name of the book.

***If meditation doesn’t interest you, neither will this book.

Current Read-Love and Ruin



From the same author of The Paris Wife comes Love and Ruin. This time the author writes about the marriage between Ernest Hemingway and his third wife Martha Gellhorn. Martha is a young novice reporter meeting Hemingway by chance and then meeting up with him in Spain during the war. While it’s a story of their relationship, much of it is about Martha herself. Her strength and independence shine through.


***(Now ready for book 10/20 books to read this year!)

Current Reads-When Breath Becomes Air


Written by a young, dying Neurosurgeon/scientist in the last months of his life. He tells you his story of becoming a doctor, his curiosity for the meaning of life, and his life with cancer. His honest portrayal of being diagnosed, treatments, and accepting the end is heartbreaking. I read this book in one sitting.


The second book I read was The Prophet.

This book needs no explanation.