May Recap-Week 3

I’m once again an official Temporary Resident of Mexico. Hopefully, no deadlines will be missed this time for my permanent status. My yard is blooming and I’m starting some new transplants. I made this so-good hamburger “casserole” mix and simply ate it with fresh greens. Recipe: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Fry a pckg ofContinue reading “May Recap-Week 3”

April Recap-Week 5

I’m seriously crushing on NY Governor Cuomo. What an inspiring leader. I guess that makes me a “Cuomosexual” too. Not sure what happened to my basil. However, my rosemary is doing great as always. Somm movies on Netflix are for anyone who enjoys wine. Speaking of alcohol, my Quarantini is: Vodka, Crystal Light lemonade, andContinue reading “April Recap-Week 5”

April Recap-Week 4

Summer temps have arrived. I’m now part of the Dalgona Coffee fan club. It reminds me of a creamy coffee candy. This stuff is GOOD! The new backyard patio and not-so-great grass have been put in. Next up: painting and new plants. Sr. Elizondo and his birthday breakfast provolone. Then came the birthday caldo, birthdayContinue reading “April Recap-Week 4”

April Recap-Week 3

I finished, “The Bella Vista” by Colette. She’s become one of my favorite writers. Getting closer and closer to “au natural” hair color. Makeshift masks for these unfortunate times. When I’m in need of a giggle, I take a look at Leslie Jordan’s instagram. My dog’s been waking up super early, telling me she hasContinue reading “April Recap-Week 3”