Buena Vista Irish Coffee

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A San Francisco institution, The Buena Vista is a bar/restaurant that is a ‘must go’ when in SF. It’s famous for bringing Irish coffee to America and serves about 2000 of them per day. Locals, tourists, and celebrities alike visit this establishment.

(A bit of trivia: In the movie, “When a Man Loves a Woman” with Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan: the first scene is shot in The Buena Vista.)

The Buena Vista is not secretive with their perfected Irish coffee recipe. It’s simple to make. I’m thinking especially for a Christmas morning.

***Irish coffees are not meant to be stirred. You should drink the coffee through the creme. Sláinte!

Gifting to Myself

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December is not only Christmas, but my birthday month as well. I decided to treat myself to a few small luxuries. I’m trying to wait patiently for my purchases to arrive, but I’m actually chompin’ at the bit.

Kumsi Tea Assortment. My “big” purchase.

Maison by Ines De La Fressange. Francophile reading with my tea.

Clare V Planner. I’m debating a scarf too. Stay tuned…


SUPER Simple Dessert


This “recipe” is from the book, “Lunch in Paris”. It seriously could not be any simpler to make and is really yummy. It could be either a dessert or eaten for breakfast. I made this sloppy one for Sr. Elizondo and myself, but presentation could easily be refined.


  • Lady fingers/pound cake. I actually used some dessert cakes found at the Oxxo.
  • Greek yogurt
  • Canned fruit. I used peaches.
  • Then pour some peach juice from the can on the layer.

Repeat layers. Smash down the layers a bit with your hands to ensure they mold together.

Refrigerate for a few hours, better overnight.


French Yogurt Cake, The Wrong Way


They say yogurt cake is the first baking French children learn to do because it’s so easy. So, it’s a little embarrassing mine came out wrong.

This is what a yogurt cake looks like when you forget to add the baking powder.

Looks fine from the aerial view, but then…

this is the side view. A not as pretty, super dense cake.

Luckily, it’s still tastes good.

Rainy Day Cooking Continues


It’s still raining and I’m still cooking. Today, Sr. Elizondo and I are a cooking team.

First off, Flammkuchen. It’s a German pizza basically consisting of onion and bacon on a white sauce. We had it in Switzerland and loved it. For a first attempt, it wasn’t bad. The flavor was good, but the bread didn’t taste the same. I’ll be investigating this further.

Second, we made a simple veggie soup. We used the squash, carrots, tomatoes, and onions whose shelf lives were coming to an end in our refrigerator. We simply boiled, then blended the veggies. We added some cream and s&p at the end, and re-heated. Yum! It’s also a perfect way to use up the produce you need to.

It’s not the prettiest color, but it was still good.

Cooking via YouTube


Rainy days equal cooking days. I hopped on Youtube and found some super easy (always) dishes. They both happened to be French themed as well.

I made my best ratatouille to date from French Cooking Academy.

This one had me add a little spaghetti sauce to the mix. Trés magnifique!

I also made a Lemon Tart from Becoming Madame. This is Sr. Elizondo’s sweet tooth kryptonite.

I Now Get the Greek Yogurt Hype


My first breakfast in Santorini consisted of fruit, some type of bread, and a small dollop of yogurt. I’m not a huge yogurt fan, but I had to try it right? Each day after, my spoonfuls of yogurt became bigger and bigger. It was addictively delicious. ‘Real’ greek yogurt has a whipped creamy texture with a tart finish. So began my search here at home to find this same thing.

The closest I’ve found is Chobani natural flavor. The texture is very similar to what I had in Santorini, but the tart taste is missing. And while I could eat ‘real’ greek yogurt on it’s own, Chobani requires a sweetener of some kind.

If anybody knows of an authentic greek yogurt that can be found at the supermarket, let me know.