2 More French Cult Beauty Product Trys


If you’ve read any article about French cult beauty products, Embryolisse Last-Creme is ALWAYS a must have. Apparently, it nourishes and hydrates the skin like none other. So, I am sure I’m in the minority of people who are not a fan.

Let me preface my review on the fact that while I am 50, my skin is still quite oily and sensitive. For me, it’s a very rich creme that felt heavy on my face. I also ended up with a couple of red blotches after a few uses. I ended up passing this creme along to Sr. Elizondo who has dry skin and loves it.

The other product I’ve been trying out is Leonor Greyl hair oil. In the picture it looks opaque. That’s only because it was so cold in our house, this oil actually froze! How you use this oil is you put a small amount in your hands and massage into your hair before you wash it for anywhere from 15 min to overnight. I keep the oil in for at least an hour and it feels like a luxury treatment smelling it’s scent the whole time. Afterwards, my hair feels really soft and nourished. This is a pricey oil, around the $50-60. I’m a hair oil convert now because of this product.



Lazy Chilly Sunday Equals Pajama Day

Sunday Sol

It’s coming up on noon. Sr. Elizondo and I are still in our jammies with no plans to get out of them. I’m thinking of a possible agenda for today.

Christmas decorating, but probably not. It feels like alot of effort now that I just wrote it out.

Making a tomato soup since we have too many in the refrigerator and I’m still having a hard time eating food.

Reading. I’m currently reading, “Just Kids” by Patti Smith. Great book if you enjoy memoirs of struggling artists. I do.

Writing a To Do List for Sandy Toes.  Playa living is just weeks away now and I can’t wait. This will be a longer visit and I’m hoping to finish Sandy Toes renovations. Below is my current items received so far from my online shopping.

Taking a shower. Yes, but no time soon.

Napping. I’m betting this happens later.

Giving myself a pedicure. 30/70 chance, but maybe.

Snuggling on the couch and bingewatching a Netflix series. Highly probable.

At the very least, I did write a blog post for today. So that’s something. 🙂



Buena Vista Irish Coffee

Cravings, Culture

A San Francisco institution, The Buena Vista is a bar/restaurant that is a ‘must go’ when in SF. It’s famous for bringing Irish coffee to America and serves about 2000 of them per day. Locals, tourists, and celebrities alike visit this establishment.

(A bit of trivia: In the movie, “When a Man Loves a Woman” with Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan: the first scene is shot in The Buena Vista.)

The Buena Vista is not secretive with their perfected Irish coffee recipe. It’s simple to make. I’m thinking especially for a Christmas morning.

***Irish coffees are not meant to be stirred. You should drink the coffee through the creme. Sláinte!

Gifting to Myself

Cravings, Culture, Sunday Sol

December is not only Christmas, but my birthday month as well. I decided to treat myself to a few small luxuries. I’m trying to wait patiently for my purchases to arrive, but I’m actually chompin’ at the bit.

Kumsi Tea Assortment. My “big” purchase.

Maison by Ines De La Fressange. Francophile reading with my tea.

Clare V Planner. I’m debating a scarf too. Stay tuned…


Menopause Product Recommendation


Menopause sucks. HRT for me caused more problems than I originally had. Because of that and other reasons, I have had to find alternative treatments to help get me through this nightmare.

My latest symptom is I’m as dry as the Sahara desert. I had no idea the pain that can come from this. After consulting with my gynecologist, she had me try Velastisa. This company has multiple products for women for all stages of life (per their tagline).

This specific product is a cleanser and moisturizer which helps the PH and flora. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and this product is well worth it. The effects were noticeable almost immediately. It’s worth a try ladies.

SUPER Simple Dessert


This “recipe” is from the book, “Lunch in Paris”. It seriously could not be any simpler to make and is really yummy. It could be either a dessert or eaten for breakfast. I made this sloppy one for Sr. Elizondo and myself, but presentation could easily be refined.


  • Lady fingers/pound cake. I actually used some dessert cakes found at the Oxxo.
  • Greek yogurt
  • Canned fruit. I used peaches.
  • Then pour some peach juice from the can on the layer.

Repeat layers. Smash down the layers a bit with your hands to ensure they mold together.

Refrigerate for a few hours, better overnight.


Current Read-Beloved



The Pulitzer Prize winning book Beloved is on must read lists everywhere and rightly so. I have to admit I had a hard time reading the first couple of chapters. I’m not sure if it was as confusing as I thought, or if I was simply not in the mood to read. Once I got past the beginning, I was all in. I read this book basically in one day.

I can understand why some high schools have Beloved as required reading. We all have read about slavery in history books and seen it in movies. Nothing I have read or seen personalized slavery and made it so real, as the way this book did. A must read for sure.