May Recap-Week 3

I’m once again an official Temporary Resident of Mexico. Hopefully, no deadlines will be missed this time for my permanent status. My yard is blooming and I’m starting some new transplants. I made this so-good hamburger “casserole” mix and simply ate it with fresh greens. Recipe: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Fry a pckg ofContinue reading “May Recap-Week 3”

April Recap-Week 5

I’m seriously crushing on NY Governor Cuomo. What an inspiring leader. I guess that makes me a “Cuomosexual” too. Not sure what happened to my basil. However, my rosemary is doing great as always. Somm movies on Netflix are for anyone who enjoys wine. Speaking of alcohol, my Quarantini is: Vodka, Crystal Light lemonade, andContinue reading “April Recap-Week 5”

A Week of Keto Meal Delivery

I’m slowly losing my wellness motivation while self isolating. So I ordered a week of Keto meals hoping it would help. The plan I purchased is 3 Keto meals per day, Monday through Friday through a company called Plan Uno. I was assured with a written form all meals are being prepared with the necessaryContinue reading “A Week of Keto Meal Delivery”