August Recap-Week 1

I got a dozen roses for each of the 10 years Sr. Elizondo and I have been together. I happily have bouquets all around my house now.

My penchant for reading has returned to me. I started and finished, “The Five”. It tells the life of the 5 women victims of Jack the Ripper. This is NOT a story about the Ripper, simply about the lives of the women leading up to their fateful nights. I enjoyed this book so much more than I thought I would. Definite recommend.

My ZIIP arrived. My face is ready to be tightened up!

This midi shirt dress from Zara had me at Hello….and it has pockets.:) It’s a website where you can see peoples views from their homes, as well as share your own. A quarantined developed app I’m sure.

Playa del Carmen postponed yet again. Keeping hope alive for September.

I have developed an addiction to Nutella sorbet that my neighbor makes, sells, and now delivers. It’s like having an on-call ice cream truck.

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