Recipe of the Week- Pork Soup

I had big dreams for the pork I bought, but it seemed every recipe I found had an ingredient I didn’t have. It was time to improvise which usually does not have a good outcome when it comes to me in the kitchen.

I started with cooking the pork pieces into a pot with sautéed onion and garlic. Then I decided to throw in some paprika and beef broth. I was on my way to making soup. Not the most exciting recipe, but true to my 2020 goal: I’ve never made a pork soup.

I did the usual adding tomato, celery, carrot, s&p, herbs de Provence. It was just okay tasting. Then I added the ingredient that made this soup delish: Fennel seed. Once I added this, it all came together scrumptiously.

In true form, I added shredded parmesan cheese because everything is better with cheese. In my opinion, cheese is similar to bacon in this way.

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