My First Month Having the Hormone Pellet

What can I say about the peri-menopausal struggle, except F%$#@!!! I’ve tried shots, pills, patches, and natural remedies. Heat flashes and emotional highs/lows still plague me. The desperation to feel normal is overwhelming me. I decided to try the hormone pellet.

The hormone pellet is formulated to your specific needs based on your own hormone blood testing. It’s placed about an inch inside your “cheeky” via a small incision. It’s so small, stitches are not necessary. The pellet slowly releases hormones on a daily basis. After 6 months, a follow up appointment with your doctor is needed. You then decide if the pellet is still working or if you need another one inserted. Pellets generally last 6-9 months. (It didn’t hurt being inserted due to local anesthesia, but it was sore and bruised for the following week.)

Week 1: I was a bit more irritable and teary eyed than before the pellet. I thought, ” Oh Lordy, this is gonna be a long 6 months”. On the upside, my heat flashes stopped.

Week 2: My moods were still the same erratic peri-menopausal ones they always were. I’m beginning to doubt this pellet business. I contacted the dr who said to give it another full week to feel the effects. Hmmm?….ok.

Week 3: I’ve officially gained 10lbs since the pellet was inserted and had girl time about 10 days too soon. Everything still feels the same to me. Or if there is a change in my moods, it’s happening at a slow pace. Per another conversation with the dr, I’m taking Primogyn again. Why did I do this pellet???

Week 4: Still in the same up and down emotional mess, only heavier now. The only pro after one month is my heat flashes have diminished quite a bit. Other than that, I’m giving the hormone pellet a BIG thumbs down. My personal opinion is I think it’s basically alot of hype with little return.

5 months to go…

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