Time to Planner 2020

It’s that time of year again folks. The time to fill out your 2020 planner/agenda. 

I’m now looking through my 2019 calendar. I’m reminded of the important people and events in my life as I’m jotting down in my new planner the addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It’s also the time I reflect on events, accomplishments and losses experienced.

With my 2020 planner, my thoughts turn to the future. What dates need to be marked? What travel do I want to happen? What goals will I set? What do I want for myself for the upcoming year??? A new year of possibilities is before us.

So you can see, my planner choice is important. Last year I bought a ClareV and it served me well. I chose this year’s planner from Anthropologie. My only requirement for my planners: a spiral binding. (Book type binding never make it through the year for me.)

By the way, my pen is important too. I like to use the same pen throughout the year. My personal favorite is the Sharpie fine point pen. (Insert heart emoji)

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