Merida-Day 3

Sadly, it’s our last day in Merida before our plane leaves this evening. It’s also two days after the Day of the Dead and all of the Pan de Muerto is gone. I’ll have to wait until this time next year to have another bite.

We did some shopping, but much of what Merida sells is also available in Playa where my beach condo is. I didn’t buy much. For other visitors, Merida is the home of the guayaberas. If there is one thing a tourist should purchase from Merida, it would be this.

As we were walking around, we unexpectedly landed at La Negrita. La Negrita is a very popular bar/restaurant in the Merida. We sat at the large outdoor space with a bucket of beers and unlimited tapas. The tapas were tasty! When I asked if they were hot, the waiter said “poco”. He returned with french fries and ketchup for me. A very thoughtful gesture, but the fries were no comparison to the other Mexican deliciousness on the table. By the way, 6 beers and unlimited tapas cost Sr. Elizondo and I a whopping $10.

We then walked a couple of blocks to Hermana Republica. It had a more sophisticated vibe and sells only craft beers. We chose the pilsner.

What to do after drinking some beers at a couple of bars? Have some gelato of course. Pola has some yummy and crazy flavors, such as Blue cheese and apple (which wasn’t actually bad).

We were in desperate need of walking which at this point. We went to the Lucas de Galvez market. This is a huge market for the local people and it sells everything. It’s an experience to see. If you are smell sensitive, you might want to pass on the meat warehouse area.

Then a quick visit to the hotel to pick up our luggage and we were off to the airport.


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