A Wedding in Merida

Sr. Elizondo and I had another wedding to go to. This time it was in the city of Merida. If you’re not familiar with Merida, it’s about a 3 hour drive inland from Cancun. We flew directly from a Mty less than 2 hrs.

The wedding and reception took place at Hacienda Santa Cruz. This hacienda is from the year 1640 and 45 minutes outside the city. It was a beautiful place to have a wedding.

The reception area was a newer pavilion all open air. The stage was brightly lit with a neon sign and flowers.

The tables were simple and elegant. I was in love with the centerpieces. The flower color combination of deep reds snd corals was gorgeous. The pics I took do not do them justice. During the dinner, there was an electric guitarist playing softly. It was a unique touch, since dinner music is usually a band  and singers. They also handed out fans for the ladies which was greatly appreciated.

The new couples first dance with fireworks.

And the rest is pure celebration with gold leaf confetti being dropped during the night.

A few of us ladies having a photo op. Dress code was long dresses for ladies and guayaberas and linen pants for men. I chose a simple black Eileen Fisher and fancied it up with a sparkle scarf. Merida is very humid. I would have never survived in a gown. Clearly my curled hair couldn’t either!

We left early taking a shuttle bus at 12:30am, but I’m sure there were plenty more fun surprises during the evening. There was also a bunch being given the following day. I’m getting used to these gala affairs.

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