Increase the Cozy

Sr. Elizondo and I went to his daughters new home this past weekend. It was early evening and as soon as I stepped into her home, I was transported to cozyville.

I told her how relaxing her home is and she told me everybody says that when they visit her. During the visit, I tried to figure out what was it in her home giving me these mellow vibes. She showed me each room and her new home purchases, and I was giving each of the rooms a quick study. Her decor is looking great, but nothing in particular stood out to me as the cause of the cozy. Then I realized…it was the lighting. While my house is full of energy saving, bright white/blue toned lights, she has the yellow toned bulbs throughout her home. It made all the difference.

So if you’re wanting your home to feel more relaxed, try changing your lighting. The room below shows alot of options.

BTW: I’ll be purchasing a few yellow toned lightbulbs this week.


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