Current Reads-Romanian Writers

I picked these two books up in Romania based on a recommendation from one of the book store employees. Both books are reflections of Romanian life from/during the Russian ruled era of the country.

Winner of the Nobel Prize, Herta Müeller writes this true story of a Germanic-Romanian sent to a Russian gulag for 5 years at the age of 17. Surviving on a piece of bread and “cabbage” soup daily, he lives with what he calls the “Hunger Angel”.

This book almost feels like you’re reading poetry.

The second book was written by Matei Calinescu called, “The Life and Opinions of Zacharias Lichter”.

This books is kinda kooky. Each chapter is the thoughts or opinions of Zacharias Lechter on a particular subject. He’s a homeless man in Bucharest who preaches his interpretations of life as he feels touched by God. His views can be considered eccentric with truth  often being found in them.


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