The Family Room Makeover

I’ve been in the process of switching out the bottom floor of our home to a more updated look. It’s one large space that includes a tv/dining/kitchenette/bathroom. I recently posted the new and improved dining area. Now for the “tv zone”. It’s a long, but not wide space.

Here is the before pic. The L sofa was just too large for the area, the coffee table very traditional, and the rug had a peculiar odor to it(???). The grandfather clock…well…it is Sr. Elizondo’s. I was lucky enough that he was willing to take it to his office at work. We’re still in a debate over the Beatles pictures.

Here’s the makeover still in progress, but with the major pieces in place. I bought two love seats in navy. I prefer them facing each other, putting the second one where the chairs are, but it is the area for watching tv. I gotta give this win to Sr. Elizondo.

I chose armless faux leather chairs. They’re surprisingly more comfortable than they appear. They did needed some color and the gold throws are perfect. The white/black chair sadly no longer fit in the space.

Because the space isn’t wide, I thought a glass coffee table was the best bet. I’m still working on the decor for it.

And the knobby rug has both grays and goldy-cream to it which I liked. I wish I had bought a rug the next size up, but this was the largest one they had. Maybe down the line I will replace it, but I’m okay with it for now.

I’m a firm believer you cannot have too many pillows and pillow covers are probably one of the best things ever invented. My pillows get switched out often. This is a recent pillow cover buy from West Elm.

My next buys for the family room are end tables, finding something for the far corner with the guitar, and wall and table decor. The walls also need to be repainted…never-ending…

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