My Latest Balcony Visitor

For those of you that don’t know, I put up hummingbird feeders on my balcony and now have a constant steady stream of the hummingbirds coming to visit. I’ve had a new visitor the past few days. A little birdy is coming to visit, but I’m not sure it’s for breadcrumbs. You see, he’s either in love or in hate with himself.

On my balcony is a wall plant holder that has a mirror. It currently has a geranium growing in it. Our new little balcony friend has discovered himself in this mirror. He comes and sits in the geranium, staring and tweeting loudly at himself for long periods of time, at least twice a day. By long periods of time, I mean over an hour per visit minimum.

A perfect picture of a hummingbird below, but it’s the bird in the planter I want you to see. That’s him.




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