Curating My Sleepwear

Part of the October Chic Challenge on The Daily Conossiour blog is to curate your sleepwear. This is a great idea. I’m always updating my closet, but my jammie drawer sadly goes by the way side.

I said goodbye to sloppy t-shirts and holey jammie bottoms, and I added a lavender sachet to the drawer. I won’t be looking like these ladies to the left, but my sleep drawer feels new and improved. Curiously while cleaning out this drawer, I found a sundress from probably 10 years ago, a bathing suit coverup I had completely forgotten about, and a few other random items.

My sleepwear drawer now consists of:

  • 3 sleep shorts
  • 1 pair long jammie pants. (I prefer short, but if it does get cold or the mosquitos start attacking, long pants come in handy.)
  • 3 sleep tee’s. I used to wear cute graphic tee’s, but mens white undershirts are better quality.
  • 1 largely oversized button down shirt (my current fave)
  • 1 short nightie
  • 1 long white cotton nightgown.


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