The Wedding Day Arrived!

Sr. Elizondo’s oldest daughter was married yesterday. As in Mexican tradition, a full catholic service was done during the ceremony. Only the close family and friends attend the church weddings.

Goin to the chapel…

The father walking the bride down the aisle

The married couple

A very happy bride on her way to the Civil Ceremony.

The Civil Ceremony was set up on the terrace portion at the reception. It’s the legal signing of the wedding papers that make the Sr. and Sra. legitimate in the eyes of the law. The witnesses that sign can be whomever, and as many people as the bride and groom want.

Toasts and champagne after the signing

Moving on to the reception. There were approximately 450 people in attendance.

The bride and groom’s table. At night, the table was full of flowers and the back drop was lit completely with voice candles and neon lighting.

Within 30 minutes of this picture, it was full of beautiful people in gowns and black tie.

The weather could not have been more perfect for an outdoor reception. The views were spectacular.

Dinner was served at the usual 10’ish pm as is normal here in Mexico. Dancing ensued afterwards. At midnight is when the party was getting started. Props, light up toys, and slippers were handed out. A rap group came out at 1am and it became party central. Super fun. And of course, some barbacoa tacos were necessary at this point too.

The reception lasted until 3am. Sr. Elizondo (aka: the father of the bride) partied through the morning and beyond.

Congratulations to the adorable couple, Sr.& Sra. Zavala! I hope your wedding day was as perfect as you imagined it.

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