Unexpected Places to Visit While Traveling

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been back and I still have travel on my mind. Below are places I like to go to when I’m visiting another country.

Take a look at the local life and visit a grocery store. It’s one of my favorite things to do when in another country. Grocery stores in other countries are often completely different than what you’re used to. You also get an idea of what the locals eat on daily basis. Oh, and it’s a good place to shop for gifts to bring home.

Go visit a cemetery. They’re often beautiful and peaceful. Gravestones from different countries and from hundreds of years ago are a sight to see. Is there any more famous cemetery that Père Lachaise in Paris?

Check out a library. There are gorgeous libraries across the world. I just wish I had thought of this in my earlier travel years. Better late than never. The one is from Trinity University in Dublin. I actually had the pleasure to be in this one.

Take a stroll through a park. Some of my favorite travel days is walking through parks. Wherever you are from, I can guarantee you a park in another country looks and feels completely different. And if you’re a dog lover and see a dog, it’s a good way to open up conversation with a local.

Take a look inside second hand shops. You never know what you might find. Sr. Elizondo and I stumbled upon a military second hand shop in Prague. He walked away with two WWII helmets and I bought a military jacket for $4.00!

This isn’t a specific place, but I like to pay attention to street graffiti. You can tell a lot about the city you’re in by it’s street art. For example: Berlin felt dominated by political graffiti; Mexico’s graffiti is colorful and often references the indigenous Indians; And I was lucky enough to see a Banksy in France.

There are the must see sights of course, but it’s the little things and day to day places that give you a clearer glimpse of the people.

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